TEAS Version 5

What Question Types are Expected In TEAS Version 5?

As per the existing norms, if planning to take up a nursing program at college in the country, you will have to take up a pre-nursing program test. Among the different tests that serve this purpose, the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is an important one conducted by ATI that not only helps the nursing institutions evaluate the candidates' potentials for nursing programs, but also helps each individual candidate better understand his/her own potentials and weaknesses, if any, and accordingly work on them. To understand more about the TEAS Version 5 test and its contents, read on...

The TEAS Test

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a test of academic knowledge and skill levels in the core topics of English and language usage, Reading, Math, and Science. The test is developed and conducted by ATI, a popular, American company working in the field of nursing education. Every year, many administrations of the test are conducted across different testing locations around the country, at prescheduled dates.

Now in its fifth version, the test is called TEAS V or the TEAS version 5. It is a timed test of 209 minutes duration. While the test is generally conducted as a computerized test, it can also be administered as a paper and pencil-based test, depending on the choice and requirements of the test sites/institutions.

In addition to testing the candidates in the required academic areas, the test also purports to help institutions understand the candidates' ability levels and limitations, if any, and accordingly plan for developmental programs to help them improve.

For more information on the TEAS version 5 test, refer to the official testing website: https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx

You may also find additional information about the TEAS test at http://www.teastest.info/.

The Test Version 5 Test - Contents and Question Types Asked

The following are the core areas tested in the TEAS version 5 test along with their respective test contents. A total of 170 questions are included covering all the various topics and subtopics. All the questions are of multiple-choice type:

  • Science: This section includes question items from the General Science topics as required for the purpose of the testing. There are 30 questions included in this section.
  • Reading: The Reading area focuses on checking the vocabulary, and reading Comprehension skills of test takers at various levels - basic and advanced. 40 questions are included in this section.
  • Mathematics: 45 question items from various Mathematics areas like Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Estimation and Sequences, Graphs, Averages and Rounding, Measurement, Exponents, Fractions and Square Roots, Percents, Geometry, and Ratios are included in this section of the test.
  • English and Language usage: 55 questions covering the various areas of written language like Basic Grammar, Intermediate Grammar, Advanced Grammar, and Nouns are included in this section.

Some sample questions and practice questions for the TEAS version 5 test are available online at the ATI website and at the ATI test bank (http://www.atitestbank.com/). Some of the other important resources that can provide information about test content and question types are:

The Importance of the TEAS Test

With many institutions and nursing colleges using the TEAS version 5 test scores for making admission decisions, the TEAS is an important test for nursing aspirants. University of North Florida, Roseman University of Health Sciences, NV, California State University, etc. are some of the popular places that use the TEAS scores for admitting students into certain nursing programs. Also, as the test includes core academic areas of Science, English, and Mathematics, it is a test that can actually predict the chance of success of test takers in early nursing programs. Moreover, the TEAS version 5 test helps institutions (as well as students) understand the students' weaker areas, if any, and thus opens up opportunities to work towards betterment in those areas.

Hence, it can be confidently stated that the TEAS test is not only important for students; it is significant for institutions as well.

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