What is the Importance of TEAS V

What is TEAS V?

TEAS V or the Test of Essential Academic Skills is an examination taken by those students who wish to gain admission in a nursing program. It is an assessment test that will determine whether you will be able to be a nurse and it has been established by the ATI or the Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC. Through this exam, it is possible to find out the students that have the potential to find success in this career and the students who should not consider this career option. You can register for this test through either one of the following options:

  • You can log on to the official website of ATI and find out the test centers that allow you to register for this examination online. You can click on this link for more information: https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx.
  • You can call up the ATI by dialling (800) 667-7531.
  • You can also get in touch with the nursing school that you wish to enrol in and ask them about the test centers of the TEAS.

Sections and Questions

To understand the test well, you need to know about the sections that are included in this test and also the questions that you can expect. The TEAS V has four sections and these are the following:

  1. Reading: This section will have 40 questions, which you need to finish in 50 minutes.
  2. Science: In this part of the test, you will find 30 questions and the time given to you to finish this section is 38 minutes.
  3. Maths: Here, you will find 45 questions that you need to complete in 56 minutes.
  4. Language usage: This is a section where you will be given 55 questions that you need to complete in 65 minutes.

All the questions will be in the form of multiple-choice questions and you can expect 170 questions in the test. You will find four or five answer options for each question from where you need to select the correct answer. The total time that you will be given to take this test will be 3.5 hours. You can consider taking the TEAS V in front of a computer or you can consider the pen and paper version of the test.

Significance of TEAS V

The TEAS V is very important if you wish to create a career for yourself in the nursing field. Given below are the reasons why it is a vital test and why you need to score high in it.

  • For the purpose of admission to a nursing school: One of the major reasons why this exam is important is because it will help in determining whether you will be given admission to a nursing school or not. If you do not have the skills for this career, you will not be able to score high in the test and if your result is not good you may be denied admission. Thus, you need to ensure that you score as high as possible so that the college that you wish to enrol in will accept you into the course that you have chosen.

  • To find out if you are better off pursuing another course: The result of the test will also help you determine if you will be better off opting for another course that you have the skills for. After all, there is no use pursuing a nursing course that you will not be able to find success in. So your performance in this exam will help you consider other career options.

Keep in Mind...

The TEAS V is a test where you will not have a passing score because you cannot pass or fail this examination. However, you need to find out what the cut-off score of the college that you wish to enrol in is. Once you know about this score, you will have to study for the exam effectively so that you obtain a score that is equal to or higher than the cut-off score.

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