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How to Decide which TEAS V Study Guide to Buy?

The TEAS V or TEAS 5.0 test is a well-known entrance test for measuring the academic knowledge of pre-nursing students in the United States. The test is divided into four sections; namely, Science, Math, Reading and English & Language Usage. The TEAS V test is highly competitive, in terms of the toughness of the test questions and the time limits of the test sections. The test must be completed in 209 minutes, with specific time limits for each test section. There are generally no breaks allowed between the test sections. The Science test section of TEAS is considered quite challenging, because of the wide range of scientific disciplines included in it. To know more about the test structure, time limits and question types, you may visit the official ATI website - www.atitesting.com

Considering the above mentioned facts about the test, it is imperative that the students prepare well in advance for the test. Any person who has already taken the test and has scored well, would admit that an exhaustive preparation using the best study guides was the key to their success. So, how do you find an excellent TEAS V test study guide? This article will provide you with an idea about the must-have attributes of a good TEAS V test study guide and also with reviews of 4 of the best guides available in the market today and also give you.

5 Key Attributes of an Effective TEAS V Test Study Guide:

When you buy a TEAS study guide, be sure to look for the following characteristics:

  1. The guide must include study materials in all the test sections.

    All likely subject areas and topics in Math, Science, English and Reading test sections must be covered. For these 4 test sections, extensive material must be available on Math and Science, because of the large number of sub-topics covered in them.

  2. It must include a large number of practice questions, along with answer guides.

    A good number of online or printed full-length practice tests are a must for a guide to be effective. There are some guides that focus only on practice tests and also contain time limit recommendations that help the applicants simulate the actual test. Such guides are also recommended as supplements to the main test study guides.

  3. The answer keys in the guide must explain the rationale behind each correct answer.

    Most TEAS questions, especially those in Math and Science, are picked from several subject areas and are considered quite challenging. Hence, if the answer keys don't come with elaborate explanations, on how the answers were arrived it, then the practice tests don't hold much value. So, look for guides that come with elaborate answer guides.

  4. The author must be an expert academic.

    The author must be an academician, teacher or tutor, or an educational/testing services institution, with a good number of years of academic and publishing experience. This will guarantee that the concerned guides have been published after substantial academic research.

  5. The Science section must include several scientific illustrations and example for Scientific Reasoning questions.

    The Science section of the test includes questions in several disciplines such as Human Body Science, Earth and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Scientific Reasoning. To be able to perform well in these disciplines, an applicant must get a clear picture of all the major topics in these disciplines encompassed by them, along with illustrations for each topic. The Scientific Reasoning is the toughest because it involves applying scientific logic to a particular problem or hypothesis and thereafter, finding a solution or alternative to the problem. So, for this section, several examples as closely simulated to the actual test, must be provided. The examples must contain explanations of the key techniques or strategies required for scientific reasoning.

The Best Available COMPASS Study Guides:

ATI's TEAS V Study Manual

This is the official TEAS V test study guide authored by ATI and it contains exhaustive study material in all the 4 sections of the test. It also includes a terms' glossary and loads of practice questions, along with detailed answer guides. The printed version of this guide includes two full-length practice tests, each having 150 questions and accompanied by detailed answer guides. Many test takers who have bought this manual, have attested the guides' strengths and positives, especially in helping them prepare well for the challenging Science section of the test.

This guide is available for sale on the ATI website (http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/product.aspx?zpid=1194). A cheaper variant of this study manual in paperback format, along with user reviews is available on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Review-Manual-Essential-Academic-Skills/dp/1933107987). We recommend that the applicants, along with this guide, also buy the TEAS V Online Practice Assessments from the ATI website.

McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams

This is another well-received TEAS V test study guide, authored by a group of knowledgeable tutoring experts. It covers all the test subjects extensively and contains a good number of practice tests, illustrations, tips and techniques to solving complex questions and managing test time effectively. Many of the purchasers of this guide have provided good reviews on it. It is available for sale at Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/McGraw-Hills-Nursing-School-Entrance-Exams/dp/0071599371/ref=pd_sim_b_3). You may also read the user reviews for this book on the same link.

McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests

This TEAS V test study guide is written by Kathy Zahler, a notable writer of test guides and it contains 6 full-length practice tests, spread across all areas of the test. The guide is considered a great source for TEAS sample questions, especially in the Science section of the test. The book's reviews indicate that it provides an excellent preview to the actual test. It is available for purchase at Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/McGraw-Hills-5-TEAS-Practice-Tests/dp/0071767770).

We hope the above reviews and recommendations, on currently available study guides, help the applicants to select an effective TEAS V Test Study Guide. Good luck to all the test-takers!

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