TEAS V Test Questions

From where can You find Sample Questions for TEAS?

The primary aim of the TEAS  is to understand and analyze your academic prowess. However, other than providing an indication of your high school knowledge, the scores are also an indication of your capabilities and abilities, to become a successful healthcare professional.

Thus, a thorough knowledge of the questions is essential if you want to ace the examination. To help you gain a better understanding, the nature of the questions have been discussed in the following sections of the article. (The sections are divided based on the different parts of the examination)

TEAS Reading Section

In this section of the test, you will have to read comprehension passages in order to answer the questions. There is no specified word limit for the passages and hence, one can conclude that the passages will be of varied lengths. The reading section consists of 40 questions, which have to be answered in 50 minutes.

An important thing to remember is that this section is designed to test your critical and analytical skills. Hence, you will have to read the passages carefully and then arrive at the appropriate conclusions, in order to answer the questions correctly. The questions can ask you to identify the primary theme of the passage or may even deal with certain specific information provided in the passage. Some questions may even ask you to identify the tone in which the author's has written the passage. These are only the common types of questions that are asked in the Reading section of the TEAS and you may encounter other types of questions as well. Hence, practice solving a number of comprehension questions to hone your skills.

TEAS Science Section

This section will examine your high school knowledge of various science subjects. The types of questions that you will come across in this section of the test are as follows:

  • A part of this section of the test will examine your knowledge of Chemistry, Physics and General Science. It also consists of questions on scientific trivia. For example, you may come across questions where you will have to provide the correct dates for scientific milestones. Hence, these problems will not only test your knowledge of scientific theories, but also the development of them.
  • Since TEAS is a nursing examination, a large part of the test deals with biology, human anatomy, workings of the human body and endocrinology. These questions form a large part of the Science section of the TEAS examination.

In this section, you will have to answer 30 questions in 38 minutes.

TEAS Mathematics Section

This section will examine your knowledge of high school Math. It will test your knowledge of Algebra, Arithmetic and Data Interpretation. The topics on which you will be tested are as follows:

  • Whole numbers
  • Fractions an decimals
  • Ratio proportion
  • Percentages
  • Algebraic equations
  • Analyzing graphs

The above-mentioned list identifies some of the common mathematical topics. However, questions can be asked on other topics of Mathematics that you have studied in high school. In this section you will have to answer 45 questions in 56 minutes.

TEAS English and Language Usage Section

This section of the examination is primarily a test of your grammatical skills. Here you will have to demonstrate your knowledge of sentence structure, punctuation, words and their meanings. Your knowledge of English language and spellings will also be tested through these questions. In this section you will have to answer 55 questions in 65 minutes.

Where can you find Sample TEAS Questions?

Once you have understood the type of questions that you will come across in the examination, it is ideal that you solve some sample questions as well . The following links to the official website will help you access such questions:

Go through these websites and purchase the question papers that you think will help and then start preparing for the test as early as possible!