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Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a content-driven aptitude test formulated by ATI in accordance to the prerequisite criterion specified by the nursing schools across USA. The test benefits students by providing a helping medium to exhibit one's skills and thereby get admission into the elite nursing school of your choice. A great TEAS score adds a lot of value to your application for admission as it benefits the schools to gauge the candidature of a student alongside their strengths and weaknesses in a particular section. A student is taken through the advanced study of science when taking up a nursing course.

The test comprises of what you have already studied in your high school and includes the subjects namely; Maths, Science, Reading and English & Language Usage and takes you through 170 multiple-choice questions with four options each to choose from. TEAS can be taken in computer-based or paper & pencil-based test formats and the duration of the test is 209 minutes.

Science is a major section in this test and obtaining good scores make a good mark on the application form for admission into the nursing school. The content covered in this section is designed such that it helps the school evaluate the candidate's credibility of taking up a healthcare course.

TEAS Science Questions

The level of knowledge and skills required to crack this section is equivalent to high school study syllabus of biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology. Human body science, Life science, earth & physical science and scientific reasoning comprise the science section. It consists of a total of 30 questions that need to be answered in 38 minutes.


This section demands a thorough knowledge in cellular anatomy including organelles, naming the cell structure and functions of the cell walls. Other topics that seek your attention are cellular processes like photosynthesis, respiration, mitosis, meiosis, acquaintance with enzymes and their names with functions. Be well prepared with the questions pertaining to plants and animals.

Physiology and Anatomy

You will need in-detail understanding of the areas in physiology and anatomy. The topics covering this section are skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, central nervous, endocrine, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems of the body. Be efficient enough to be able to name the varied body parts, their functions and the diseases affecting them.


The key tool to crack the chemistry questions is the very interesting periodic table. Memorize the chemical formulae of various substances, chemical names with abbreviations, chemical anatomy including the electron, proton, neutron particles and above all the ions.


This part needs lot of practice and effort. Discoveries, history of physics, mathematical formulae and theories, optics, sound, vectors, motion etc. are covered. Be comprehensive and methodical in solving problems, reading graphs and interpreting the results. This will help you in dealing with this part of the section easily.

There are platoons of websites that offer a host of resources like study tools, flash cards etc. to help you improve your skills and be proficient in solving the section of . However, it is strongly recommended that one must follow the official TEAS resources made available by ATI.

ATI Resources for Study: Following is a gist of official resources that guide you through the science questions and other sections of the test. Click on the online store option of the ATI website; http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/ to avail them.

  1. "Learning Strategies: Your Guide to Classroom and Test-Taking Success" with varied tips and strategies
  2. TEAS V online practice assessment Forms A & B with 150 practice questions each
  3. TEAS V Study Manual
  4. TEAS V Study Package

Following the official test website www.atitesting.com not only gives you a close view of what this is all about but also provides a helping hand in giving you the precise feel, format and structure of the test. Thus, the official resources assure that the test inclusive of the science section will be a cake walk for you.