Steps for Taking the TEAS V Exam

With many nursing institutions and healthcare institutions relying on the TEAS V exam scores to make admission decisions, it is essential that you, as an aspiring nursing candidate, understand more details about the TEAS test. These details include the information about the various aspects of this exam, including test contents, pattern, question types, and test duration, in addition to getting to know as to how to prepare for and take this test. Read on...

The Test of Essential Academic Skills - An Introduction

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V exam) is an important tool for many nursing and healthcare institutions in the country, to evaluate the candidates' proficiency levels and skill levels. Based on the TEAS V exam scores, clubbed with other relevant parameters, these institutions determine the candidates' eligibility for admission into nursing programs.

In addition, this is a test that helps institutions assess the need for support programs for prospective students to improve in their respective weaker areas, if any. As an aspiring nursing candidate, you are also benefitted by taking this test, as it helps you understand yourself better academically and accordingly improve in the required areas.

Developed and conducted by ATI Nursing Education Company, this test is in its fifth edition now and is called the TEAS V exam. You may find more information about this test online, at the official ATI Testing website (https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx).

TEAS V Exam - The Test Sections, Question Types, and Test Duration

The TEAS V exam includes multiple-choice questions covering the four core academic areas:

  • English and Language usage
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science

Out of the 170 questions included in the TEAS V exam, 40 questions are from the Reading section, 45 from the Mathematics section, 55 are from the English and Language usage section and 30 are from the Science section.

While the Reading section tests the Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary areas at basic and advanced levels, the Mathematics section include questions from different core areas like Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Averages and Rounding, Graphs, Exponents, Fractions and Square Roots, Percents, Geometry, Measurement, and Ratios. The Science section covers the various topics of General Science, and the English and Language usage section evaluates the test takers' academic proficiency in English language usage.

The TEAS V exam is a timed test spanning up to 209 minutes. The test results are, generally, made available after 48 hours of taking the test. Use of calculators is not allowed while taking this test.

Steps for Taking the TEAS V Exam

As in any other test, preparation and hard work are essential for taking this test. However, you may find some indicative steps here that can be useful while taking the test:

  1. Learn about the Test: You need to be thorough with the different aspects of the test. In addition, you will also need to understand the purpose of testing, and be prepared accordingly.

  2. Learn about the Score Requirements: In addition to learning about the test, you may also need to understand that the score requirements for admission may differ from institution to institution. Therefore, you must learn about the score requirements for your college or institution, and accordingly target for those scores in your preparation.

  3. Prepare for the Test: With many prep resources and programs available to help you prepare for the test, it may not be very difficult to prepare for the TEAS V exam. However, you must choose your resources wisely, and based on your specific and individualized requirements. At the same time, taking practice tests often would be a great idea to keep a tab on your progress. You may also find many practice tests online these days, or you could search for them in local book stalls, libraries, or at your college.

  4. Choose your Test Location and Date: When choosing the test site and date for the TEAS V exam, make sure you choose the best ones, in terms of proximity, your convenience, and the availability of seats. Also, remember that since there are registration deadlines in effect, and late registration is not accepted for TEAS V exam, you may need to plan for the test in advance.

  5. Be Relaxed: This is an exam that can help you get admission in to your chosen nursing program, and also help you understand yourself better and work towards improving yourself. So, during your preparations and while giving the exam, you should be relaxed and give your best.

Though there can be different score requirements for admission eligibility based on the college you are joining, the TEAS test is quite important for nursing aspirants. While preparing for the test, you may therefore, give your best effort and try to score high, so that you can join the course you are aspiring for.

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