What is TEAS Test?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) contributes to a major extent in regulating the admission possibilities of an aspiring nursing student in one of the top-notch nursing schools across USA. The scores received in this test become the deciding factor for one’s career in the field of healthcare sciences. The TEAS scores define the candidature and suitability of a student in taking up the course of study and nursing as a profession. Therefore, TEAS becomes a mandatory bridge to be crossed by every aspirant. However, to excel in this substantial test, one primarily needs to have a close look into what it is all about.

What is the TEAS Test?

TEAS Five is an aptitude test conducted by ATI in consensus with the prerequisites specified by the nursing schools across USA. It helps the schools to choose suitable candidates with the abilities to take up every challenge they encounter during the course of study and nursing profession.

It is not a difficult exam but one that needs you to be refreshed enough with your high school study syllabus but takes you through a drilling set of 170 multiple-choice questions with four options to choose from. It is a content-driven test that covers the subjects namely;

  • Maths

  • Science

  • Reading

  • English & Language Usage skills.

The duration of the test is 209 minutes and it can be taken in computer-based or paper and pencil-based formats.

Format of this Test

The TEAS V 5 is divided into 4 sections with respect to the subjects mentioned above.

  1. The Maths section consists of 45 questions, to be answered in 56 minutes.

  2. The Science section needs to be completed in 38 minutes with 30 questions.

  3. The Reading section has 40 questions to be completed within 50 minutes.

  4. The English and Language Usage section consists of 55 questions and the time-frame given for its completion is 65 minutes.

Content of TEAS V 5 Test

  1. Maths: The topics covered are algebra, metric conversions, decimals, fractions, equations, graphs, ratio/proportions and percentage.

  2. Science: The topics covered in this section include Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, science reasoning and more.

  3. Reading: Comprehensive paragraphs and passages, inference & sentences form the major topics questioned here.

  4. English and Language Usage: It is all about English grammar, punctuation, meanings, sentence structure, word-sentence building and more.

Steps To Champion the TEAS Five

  1. Ardently follow the official test website, www.atitesting.com.

  2. Create an account with ATI on the official test website and make maximum use of all the resources available for your study.

  3. A unique ID will be your identification with ATI and this would remain the same for any test taken through ATI. However, this does not mean that you are registering for the exam.

  4. To create an account with ATI, you may follow the link: http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/general/EditProfile.aspx

  5. Select the state and city where you would like to take the exam. The website provides all the necessary details pertaining to the this test including the costs as per the location.

  6. Be adequately prepared well ahead of time. You may need to know the application submission deadlines of the various nursing schools as TEAS Five is the basis of an application review process for admissions.

  7. ATI offers a pool of resources that will help you in preparing for the exam. You will find a comprehensive book, "Learning Strategies" for tips to succeed in the test, sets of two TEAS V online practice assessment forms A & B, the TEAS V study manual and the TEAS V study package.

  8. Varied options to take online practice tests are available on a multitude of websites. This not only helps in improvising knowledge but also builds your confidence levels.

  9. Study with flash cards is another benefitting option of study to help overcome the difficulties that you come across during your preparations for the test.

  10. Ultimately, it is your meticulous efforts; dedication and practice that will help you excel in the test.