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5 Benefits of Using TEAS Testing Study Guides for Self-Study

If you are planning to study on your own for the TEAS test, then purchasing or borrowing the latest versions of a couple of effective study guides, is the best way to go. Here, in this article, we provide you with the reviews of 3 top TEAS study guides that are best suited for self-study and furthermore, we also list the top benefits of using such guides for self-study.

ATI'S TEAS V Study Manual

You could buy the official version of this TEAS testing study guide from- http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/product.aspx?zpid=1194. This guide is published by the TEAS test administrators at ATI Inc., and is the most recommended self-study guide today. It deals with the latest version of the TEAS test i.e. version 5.0 and includes self-study material for all the TEAS test components, namely, Math, Reading, Science and English & Language Usage. The study material is very thorough, especially in the Math and Science subjects, with a good number of examples, illustrations and practice questions. If you feel that the cost of the book at the ATI website is very high, you could consider buying a used or paperback version of the book from book stores such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles etc. The other option is that you could borrow the book from a senior or a friend in your college.

McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams

This TEAS testing study guide is available for sale at the Amazon store- http://www.amazon.com/McGraw-Hills-Nursing-School-Entrance-Exams/dp/0071599371/ref=pd_sim_b_3. This book is the second best self-study guide and complements the ATI book in several ways. It provides good coverage of all the test areas and includes problem illustrations, tests and tips. Many user reviews of this book indicate that it explains the Science and Math materials in a very simple fashion, making the concepts easy to grasp.

Secrets of the TEAS® V Exam Study Guide

You may purchase this TEAS testing study guide from- http://www.mo-media.com/teas/ or from the Amazon online bookstore. This book follows a different approach to self-study by informing its readers about all the nice-to-know tips and tricks for cracking the TEAS test. It provides a detailed and objective analysis of the TEAS test, its question types and the format of the answer choices. Thereafter, it also provides a good insight into how to avoid common mistakes, while picking a correct answer. The authors have analyzed the pattern of the TEAS test questions in detail, to give a review of the common answer traps in the test, such as additional facts, direct quotes, familiar information and extreme pronouncements in the answer choices, etc. Thus, this book provides a whole new perspective to the test, in such a way that no other TEAS testing study guide does. Also, these tips and tricks will help, when the test-takers face a time-crunch, especially in the last few minutes of the test. Although, this book cannot be used as a standalone guide, it is a nice-to-have book that guides you on how to make the most of some common test-taking strategies and tips.

The 5 Benefits of Using a TEAS testing study guide

Since the TEAS test is a measure of basic academic skills, some applicants may choose to skip a TEAS testing study guide and instead refer to their high-school books or generic material on Science, such as commonly available Chemistry, Biology I and II and Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) books, or Math books on Algebra, Fractions etc. However, in this case, the applicants are missing out on the following key benefits of owning a TEAS testing study guide:

  1. Ease of Use:

    Instead of hoarding up several books on the different TEAS subject areas, a TEAS testing study guide serves as a one-shop stop for all your TEAS review material.

  2. Focus on TEAS Topics Only:

    The best TEAS study guides focus only on the key and most common TEAS topics and therefore, cut out all the unnecessary information. This saves a lot of time and energy during self-study.

  3. Access to Practice Tests:

    The guides provide its readers with access to several hundreds of practice questions in one place. This is a crucial aspect as there is no better way to prepare for the test than to attempt as many as practice questions as possible.

  4. Access to Test-taking Tips:

    In most guides, the illustrations of problems and answers come with guidelines on how to read or interpret a particular TEAS question and how to choose a best answer. This kind of information provides the students with a clear understanding of the ground rules of the TEAS format and question types.

  5. Acts as a Plan Guide:

    With a study guide, you know exactly what you have to study, so it's much easier to create a well-defined study plan. A well devised study plan is the key to test success.

    We hope the above discussion about the benefits of a TEAS testing study guide and reviews of top study guides, will encourage you to opt for a good study guide for self-study. We wish you all the best with your TEAS test!

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