TEAS Testing for Nursing

5 Utilities of TEAS Test for Nursing

The first step towards a successful career in nursing is the TEAS testing for nursing. It stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills, and is conducted and administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute, ATI. This test can be both paper-based and computer-based, depending on the test location that a student has chosen. There are multiple centers for each of the cities where the test can be conducted.

Usually, the TEAS testing for nursing is conducted in the colleges and institutes that provide a nursing program. Hence, if you want to apply for a nursing program at a particular college, it is advisable that you appear for the test at the same location. In such a case, you do not have to pay anything to the ATI, apart from the test fee, for sending your scores to the college.

The TEAS testing for nursing is conducted to get a fair idea of the skills and abilities of all the applicants. The final score in this test plays an important part in the selection process. Most colleges have a cut score i.e. the minimum TEAS score that they will accept; such as 65 percent.

Components of the TEAS Test for Nursing

The TEAS testing for nursing is 3 hours, 29 minutes long in duration and comprises of 170 multiple-choice questions. It is a four-part assessment and the questions posed in it are taken from the following four sections (in the order in which they appear in the test):

  1. Reading: There are 48 questions that have to be attempted in 58 minutes. This section covers paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, inferences and conclusions.

  2. Mathematics: There are 34 questions that have to be attempted in 51 minutes. This section covers basic concepts of number system, trigonometry, algebra, geometry, percentages, ratios and proportion, and fractions and decimals.

  3. Science: There are 54 questions that have to be attempted in 66 minutes. It covers Scientific Reasoning, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and General Science.

  4. English Usage: There are 34 questions in this section that have to be attempted in 34 minutes. This section tests concepts related to English grammar. The questions include testing of punctuation, sentence grammar, contextual analysis and spellings.

Registration for the TEAS

Registration for the TEAS testing for nursing can be done on either the official ATI website: www.atitesting.com or the individual websites of the colleges where you wish to apply. The cost of taking the test is 70$. Apart from registering for the test, you can also purchase official study material and practice tests from the website. That will cost additional 40 to 90$, depending on your choice of materials for purchase.

Importance of the TEAS Test for Nursing

So far, we have discussed the components of the TEAS testing for nursing and the registration process. It is equally important to know why the TEAS test is so important. Here are the five utilities of the TEAS test:

  1. Predict Early Success in Nursing School

    The results and scores of the TEAS testing for nursing are helpful in predicting, up to some extent, whether the concerned candidate will be successful in the nursing profession or not. Apart from subject knowledge, the TEAS test also tests the ability of the applicants to cope under the pressure of time. For instance, it is very easy to predict that an applicant scoring 86 percent will definitely be more successful at nursing as a profession, than will be an applicant with 28 percent.

  2. Identify Strong and Weak Areas?

    The TEAS testing for nursing helps the applicant to identify his strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the applicant may be very strong in Science and Math, but poor in English and Reading. Hence, through the TEAS test scores he or she will know that improvement is needed in his or her communication abilities

  3. Test Basic Subject Knowledge

    Apart from the usual examinations, the TEAS testing for nursing is a standardized test for evaluating the knowledge of the applicants in the key areas of the nursing profession i.e. Science, Math and Communication. All this knowledge is essential in the practical life of a nurse and thus, it must be tested.

  4. Selection Criteria

    The scores of the TEAS testing for nursing are one of the most important selection criteria that colleges consider while rejecting or selecting an applicant for their nursing program.

  5. Comparison of Candidates and Applicants

    The TEAS scores also help the college to compare two or more applicants on an equal ground with the help of an established standard. Thus, it is a very important tool in the hands of the colleges.

At the end, it is recommended that you take the TEAS test for nursing very seriously. We say this as the test is the ultimate deciding factor to determine whether you will gain admission into a nursing college or not.

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