TEAS Test V Study Guide

Can you Afford TEAS Test V Study Guide?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills or TEAS intends to measure the competence of the students that is required for pursuing a career in the field of nursing. In fact, the scores attained by the students allow them to assess their strengths and weaknesses and the educators are able to identify the areas in which the test takers require assistance for better performance in TEAS. Individual and group results are delivered to the students along with the suggestions of psycometricians that are useful for the educators to find convenient modes of admission that are suitable for different categories of nursing programs.

A Quick Glimpse of TEAS Test Sections

The contents of TEAS test can be noted in the following points:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English Language and Usage

In order to take TEAS test version 5, an applicant must consult TEAS Test V study guide and official study materials are authentic and credible when compared with other resources. As a matter of fact, the tips and proven strategies that are present in a TEAS Test V study guide are extremely assistive and lead to predictable results in this test.

Review of Books for TEAS Test

The students can avail various offers for buying the study guides for TEAS thereby making their prep method more affordable than other sources. However, let us review the study materials for TEAS test or know what the students should look for while consulting a TEAS test V study guide:

  • When it comes to TEAS test V study guide the ATI TEAS Test Skills Study Manual is a book that offers extensive coverage for all the four sections of this test. There are practice questions for the students along with answer explanations. There are two sets of practice tests in this manual comprising of 150 questions each and the time limits are also provided so that the test takers can follow those guidelines while answering the questions. The cost of this study manual is $46.00.

  • Learning Strategies : Your Guide to Classroom and Test Taking Strategies : Taking practice tests is important, but the students should follow a proper direction for considering a career in the field of nursing and consulting a TEAS test V Study guide should be a priority for the candidates. This is a book that offers assistance to the students and helps them in preparing for the course of nursing and allows them to enhance their performance in college. In short, the material or the content of this book is based on research and will be useful for the students to familiarize themselves with the ways in which the classroom lectures should be interpreted by them. The cost of this book is $26.95.

  • Nursing School Entrance Exams from Kaplan is a comprehensive TEAS test V study guide for the aspirants of adult nursing programs. The book consists of two practice tests along with answer explanations accompanied by Diagnostic tests. The test takers can avail the discounts and offers while purchasing them online.

While consulting a TEAS test V study guide is a necessity for the applicants of TEAS test, the candidates must analyze a few things as far as the affordability of the study guides are concerned. Some of these points can be noted from the points below:

  • The cost of the study guides and the contents that are present in them must be compared by the students.

  • For TEAS test V prep, the requirements are not similar for each candidate and the choice of study materials may not have to be expensive for obtaining high scores.

  • The cost of the study manual is expensive, but an applicant of TEAS will not require spending on any other guide as the study manual is an all encompassing study material. Thus, an applicant will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses for buying too many guides that would not help them much.

The students of TEAS must be aware of their needs while buying study guides so that they can utilize the most from them and attain success in this test and pursuing a career in nursing.

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