TEAS Test Study Manual

Why Should You Buy TEAS Test Study Manual?

The TEAS, Test of Essential Academic Skills, is a preliminary test designed to test applicants for a nursing program. The test is divided into 4 sections and tests skills and aptitude in the areas of Reading, Math, Science and Usage of Language. The test is timed and can be either computer-based or paper-pencil- based. Each of the test sections is scored, and in the end, a final total score is determined. This score is considered an important criterion by the selection departments or committees of the colleges that offer the nursing programs. Thus, TEAS is an important and compulsory step for anyone who wants to pursue nursing as a career.

The preparation for this test takes some time as the applicant has to go through the subjects of Math and Science. Apart from this, he or she has to practice Reading and Usage of English too. It becomes imperative, that the applicant begins the preparation with excellent study material. The best study material available in the market is the TEAS study manual.

Availability of the Test Study Manual

The TEAS study manual is available online at the official website of ATI, which conducts and administers the TEAS. The official website is: www.atitesting.com. The cost of the manual is 42$ and it can be ordered online through the TEAS website.

What is there in the TEAS Study Manual?

This guide contains the following features:

  1. It contains detailed descriptions of the TEAS and its individual four sections i.e. Reading, Math, Science and English Usage. It contains exhaustive content for studying.
  2. There are many practice questions given in the manual. Each question is also followed by its answer and detailed explanation.
  3. Questions of varying type of difficulty level are also provided.

The study manual is organized as per the test. There is no such information provided in this manual that is not specific to the test and no important topic is left out. It contains the appropriate material that helps applicants to prepare efficiently. The applicants can get a fair understanding of what to expect. However, the actual test may contain questions, the difficulty level of which is higher that the level of questions contained in the manual. So, the applicants need to go a step further than the manual in case they are targeting very high scores and percentiles.

Why is the Study Manual so Important?

This manual is very important. So much so, that without it, an applicant cannot expect his or her preparation to be complete. Following are the reasons why the study manual is considered to be so important:

  1. It is the official study manual

    This is the only manual available at the official ATI website. Thus, it is the only study resource that is endorsed by the ATI. There will be no other material or study guide that will be closer to the test than this one.

  2. It provides practice within the scope of the test

    Most of the other guides available online or in the market, are not specific to the TEAS. They target all nursing exams in general. So, they may contain lots of extra information that does not form part of this test. It is not fair for the applicant to load himself or herself with so much extra information. Similarly, these guides may also miss out essential information, which comes only in TEAS and not in any other nursing tests. Subsequently, both the conditions are not an effective way to prepare for the test. In the end, the only resource that will give you an accurate idea of the scope of your preparation is this study guide

  3. It sets accurate expectations

    Since the manual remains accurately within the scope of the test questions, by going through the guide thoroughly, it is best used to set expectations of an applicant regarding the actual test.

It can be very well concluded that there is no dearth of study guides available for nursing exams. While the various study guides available in the market have their pros and cons; the study manual certainly has more pros in its account. Hence, for the TEAS, there will be no better guide than this book.