TEAS Test Study Guides

How are Study Guides Better than Prep Courses?

The applicants for adult Nursing programs have to take the challenge of TEAS test for the fulfillment of their goals in this field. The test is conducted by ATI or Assessment Technology Institute and the scores are a measure of the potential of candidates who are capable of continuing their education in Nursing colleges. Additionally, the scores obtained by the test takers also help to determine the fate of those students requiring assistance for improving their performance in this test. The results are delivered to the students within 48 hours of taking this test and help the educators to decide an appropriate formula for admission based on the category of the Nursing course.

Overview of the TEAS Test

The subjects that are tested in TEAS include the following:

  • Reading: There are 48 questions in this section of the test that are to be answered in 58 minutes and the students are supposed to find appropriate inferences from the comprehension passages.

  • Mathematics: The total number of questions in this section are 34 and the time that should be taken by the students to complete the same include 51 minutes and the topics include decimals, ratio and proportion, metric conversion, percentages, fractions, decimals and algebraic equations.

  • Science: In this section, questions are asked from Chemistry, Biology and Physical principles and 54 questions should be completed within 66 minutes.

  • English Grammar and Usage: The students have to prove their skills and knowledge of punctuation, grammar and construction of sentences in this section; there are 34 questions to be answered in 34 minutes.

Most students refer guide books or online resources to prepare for the test. However, assessing the veracity of the study guides is extremely important as the modes of preparation depend on the individual competence of the candidates. In other words, there is no single prep mode that is suitable for all. As far as conventional methods are concerned, books are one of the most traditional and compelling resources of preparing for a test and TEAS is no exception in this regard.

Reasons for Choosing Books for TEAS Test Prep

It is generally said that books are better than the prep courses that are available for this test. What are the reasons for this argument and in which ways are these books more useful? Let us find out from the following points:

  • The books contain researched materials that are more authentic than the online or other prep courses.

  • Books are constantly updated with the questions that are being asked in the recent tests thereby allowing the examinees a better opportunity for test prep.

  • The study guides are accomplished and encompass all the major aspects of the test.

  • Books are usually cheaper when compared with other modes of prep.

  • Books can be consulted from the comfort of home and the only thing that students need is to know about the test is their level of comfort while consulting these books.

Review of Books for TEAS Test

The review of the following resources will allow students to make a better choice while preparing for this test:

  • The ATI TEAS Test Skills Study Manual: This is a book that offers two sets of practice tests with 150 questions each that are to be taken within specific time limits. The answer explanations are also provided along with the questions. This is an official prep resource for the test.

  • 5 TEAS Practice Tests from Tata Mc Graw Hill is among the recommended books that allow students to review their performances and level of preparation through a series of practice tests.

  • Pass the TEAS V is a study guide that comes with two sets of practice tests containing 700 questions. With the help of this guide, students get an opportunity to learn those strategies for taking this test that lead to success.

Choosing suitable test material is a guaranteed way of enhancing your scores and your chances of securing a career in the field of Nursing. Therefore, students must concentrate on their prep methods in order to ensure a successful career in adult Nursing programs.