TEAS Test Study Guide

How to Judge a TEAS Test Study Guide?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a standardized multiple-choice test. The test is used to identify potential candidates for the nursing programs. The subjects Mathematics, Reading, Language and Science are tested in the TEAS.

Preparation for the Test

A good preparation is essential to attain a high score in the TEAS. There are many methods that can be used for the test preparation. These methods are self-study, group-study and professional classes. However, whatever method of preparation is used; good TEAS test study guides are required.

At the same time, there are certain aspects that need to be satisfied if a study guide has to be considered as a good TEAS test study guide. The points you have to use to judge a study guide are:

  • Areas Covered- A good TEAS test study guide is one in which all the subjects of the TEAS test are covered.
  • Explanations- Another aspect of a good TEAS test study guide is that proper and full explanations are given to the different types of problems asked in the TEAS test.
  • Practice Tests- Practice tests are very important if you want to attain a high score in the TEAS test. Therefore, a good TEAS test study guide should have at least 2 or 3 practice tests.
  • Exam Tips- Some of the study guides offer tips on ways to arrive at answers in a simple but fast way. These exam tips prove very helpful while taking up the test. Additionally, some study guides provide tips that would help you reduce stress as well.
  • Cost- Cost is another aspect that has to be considered while buying a TEAS test study guide. Care has to be taken to check if the study guide is worth the money you are spending on it.

TEAS Study Guides- A Review

  • Secrets of the TEAS Exam: Study Guide and TEAS Test Review for the Test of Essential Academic Skills - Mometrix Media LLC

    The secrets of the TEAS is a good study guide as it helps you ace the test in a simple way. This comprehensive study guide has been written by exam experts who have researched all the topics and concepts that could be questioned in the test. The book promotes that specific weaknesses could be exploited to increase your TEAS scores. Hence, these weaknesses and the ways to exploit them are detailed in this book. Moreover, all the four subject areas are covered in detail in this book. This book is priced at $37.51.

  • Pass the TEAS V: Complete TEAS 5 Study Guide with Practice Test Questions

    This TEAS test study guide has been prepared by a team of exam experts and the book covers all the subject areas of the TEAS test. This book contains whatever you require to attain a high TEAS score. The book helps you learn the concepts faster and also helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Strategies to answer the multiple-choice questions are an added advantage that this study guide offers. Further, ways to help you reduce common mistakes are also provided in this study guide. Moreover, two complete sets of questions with over 500 questions are provided in this book for your practice. This book is priced at $35.11.

  • TEAS Review Manual, Vers. V (5) (ATI, Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills(TEAS))

    This review book is directly from the ATI which administers the TEAS test. Therefore, this study guide proves to be very useful. There are two comprehensive practice tests in this book and the answers to these tests are given towards the end of this book. Apart from these practice tests, practice problems are also provided in the book. This book summarizes all the concepts in a simple way. It is priced at $44.16.


Note that only a few of the good TEAS study guides have been reviewed here. Good study guides are essential for a thorough preparation. However, you would have to study hard to attain a good TEAS score. It is advised that you use the study guides and prepare well for the test. You would be able to join a nursing program of your choice once you have attained a good score in the test.

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