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5 Pitfalls While Studying From a TEAS test study book

The Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a prerequisite for admission with many schools for nursing programs. This aptitude test for basic skills required for the nursing field is standardized. It is widely accepted by institutes, because it is a psychometric test designed by ATI which maps the competencies in the candidate relevant to nursing.

The TEAS test is in multiple choice formats and has 170 questions. These questions are divided in 4 time bound sections, which are the reading section, the math section, the science section and the English language and usage section respectively. The TEAS test lasts for about 3 ½ hours. Therefore, preparing for the TEAS test takes a lot of effort and choosing the right study resources can be overwhelming. However, there might be a few points you might want to consider while purchasing a good TEAS test study book.

Points to Consider while Selecting a TEAS Study Guide:

  1. Selective Information:

    There are many TEAS books available in the market, but not every TEAS guide provides adequate information on all test sections .There are also many TEAS study guides that provide theoretical information only and focus less on assessments. It would be better to purchase books with positive reviews, than settling for a TEAS test study guide with poor information.

  2. Difference in Rationales:

    Another problem is that every TEAS test study book poses a different rationale for problem solving. Hence, it is important that you purchase a TEAS study guide which is authored by experienced people after thorough research. This is why you also have to consider the average user ratings for any TEAS study guide, before making your purchase.

  3. Time-Bound Practice Sessions:

    Many candidates just focus on getting to the right answer without paying attention to the time they spend on each question. You should know that all the TEAS test sections are time bound; therefore, the time you would get to solve for every question will vary from section to section. Hence, it is important you practice the questions for each section accordingly.

  4. TEAS Score Calculation:

    In order to map your progress during self assessments, you would have to understand the methodology the TEAS test follows to calculate the TEAS score. You would have to rely on online practice assessments to know where your TEAS score. This becomes another disadvantage of preparing merely through a study guide.

  5. Lack Of a Study Plan:

    Every TEAS guide in the market would have theoretical explanation, assessment s for practice and problem solving techniques, but very few books would have tips on how to create a helpful study plan. You will have to create your own study plan and follow it meticulously if you wish to ace the TEAS test.

Reviews and Ratings of Some Useful TEAS Resources:

There are different reviews for many TEAS study guides. However, there are a few books with good and consistent ratings. Many candidates who have taken the TEAS exam and have secured a high score found these books helpful. A short review of these books is mentioned below. This might help you decide the best TEAS test study book for you.

Getting a good TEAS test study book happens to be the first advice given, when you start preparing for the TEAS test. However, with a little research you could not only avoid the danger of being unprepared, but possess a good TEAS test study book that would help you ace the test!

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