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5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Select TEAS Test Sites

TEAS test sites are examination centers that conduct the TEAS examination. These test sites are equipped with the infrastructure to conduct this test. TEAS is an examination conducted by nursing colleges to assess the essential academic skills of nursing aspirants. One of the first steps that a TEAS examinee must take, in order to appear for TEAS, is to register for the examination at the ATI website (http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/customecom/SessionCityStateSelection.aspx?stf=6&stype=1&prev=1). You will be asked to fill in details about the state and city in which you want to appear for the test, during registration. Based on these and other details provided by you, a test site where you will be allowed to take the test, on the date and at the time specified by you will be allotted to you.

Five Things to Keep In Mind When You Select TEAS Test Sites

Selection of a TEAS test site is very important. Any problems in the exam location or its environment will adversely affect your performance. Discussed below are some points about selection of TEAS test sites. You should remember them while opting for a TEAS test site, on the ATI website.

  1. The selected TEAS test site should be authorised by ATI- You should make sure that you select your test center from the ones given in the ATI list of test centers, on the official ATI website. One should not opt for centers that are not registered with ATI, as they are not authorised to conduct the examination. At the same time, one should ensure not being duped by unauthorized TEAS test sites that claim to conduct TEAS. The only method by which you can select an authentic TEAS test site is by registering for TEAS at the ATI website.

  2. TEAS test centers do not collect payments- TEAS test sites do not collect any payments to allow you to appear for the test. You have to pay a registration fee during TEAS registration, at the ATI website. If any test site asks you to pay money for appearing for the test, you have to bring the issue to the notice of the ATI authorities.

  3. Interact with TEAS test centers- All TEAS test sites specify the dates and times at which they will conduct TEAS. Some test centers let the students know the time of the year at which they can take the test. Hence, before registering for a test site, visit the websites of the test centers to find out details about their norms, rules and regulations for conducting the examinations. Also, make enquiries regarding aspects, which need clarification, by email or phone or by personally visiting the centers.

  4. The selected TEAS test center should be easy to reach- The TEAS test site that you select, should be easy for you to reach. Ideally, it should be located at a place, which you can easily reach in a short time, on the day of the test. A test site that is far from the place where you stay will take a longer time to reach. Similarly, if the test site is at a place, which does not have a good transportation facility, you will face problems in reaching it and that will cause anxiety in you, which you can do without, on your exam day.

  5. The selected TEAS test center should be well-equipped for conducting TEAS All TEAS test sites should be adequately equipped for conducting the test. They should have the latest infrastructure, such as, computers updated with the latest version of the testing software, high-speed internet connectivity, comfortable seating arrangement, and a competent crew to conduct the test and assist you through it.


Selecting a suitable TEAS testing center is as important as preparing for the exam because you should be energetic, comfortable and in a calm state of mind before taking the test. Hence, it is suggested that you follow the guidelines mentioned above to select your TEAS test site.

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