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TEAS Registration Guidelines

The TEAS test is the milestone that all nursing aspirants need to cross before they embark on their future career growth in the field of nursing. It contains 170 questions from four different sections: Reading, Math, Science and English Usage. The test can be paper-based or computer-based, depending on the test location that the candidate has chosen.

The TEAS is administered by the ATI, Assessment Technologies Institute. The study material and other important information are all available at the official website of this institute (atitesting.com). The TEAS test register process also takes place on this website.

Creating an Online Account at ATI

To begin the TEAS test register process, you need to create an online account at the ATI website. Here, you are not registering for the TEAS; you are simply creating an online account with the ATI. On creation of the account, you will be issued an identification number that looks like this: A7777777. It will start with an alphabet, followed by 8 digits.

It is important to write down this number and remember it as you have to bring it for the test. You need to put this number on the answer sheet on the test day; otherwise, the answer sheet will not be evaluated. This ID has to be used for every TEAS that you take. Thus, remembering the number is a crucial part of the TEAS test register process.

How to Register for the TEAS?

There are many options for the TEAS test register process. You can check the official ATI website for locating those testing centers that allow you to register online.

You can also contact ATI at 800-667-7531

  1. Go to the Website
    1. Go to the official website of ATI for the TEAS test register process. On the home page, you will be able to see a link "Register for TEAS". Click on that link.

    2. Select the "State" and the "City" in which you want to appear for the test. A list of locations will appear on the screen in front of you.

    3. For every test location, there are two options: "Learn More" and "Register". In order to register for the test, click on "Register".

  2. Register and Pay
    1. Once you have selected the location and have clicked on "Register", you will be taken to the payment page. You can continue to see the options for different resources for TEAS preparation, or you can check out at that time.

    2. To make the actual payment, you need to register yourself with the ATI. For this you will get a login-ID and a password.

    3. You can register only if you already have an online account. Otherwise, you will have to create an account.

    4. The payment will be for 70$ and after that, you will get your test details such as: date, timing, location etc.

Some Registration Guidelines

  1. Applicants are always advised to reach the examination centre at least 15 minutes earlier. Latecomers are denied entry and the TEAS test register process will go in vain.

  2. The ATI username and password needs to be carried at the time of exam. Hence, the applicants must save them.

  3. If the student is giving the TEAS test at the same place to which he or she is applying, then he or she does not have pay anything to use the score transcript. However, if the student is giving the exam at one location and applying to another location, then he or she has to pay for the official "TEAS Transcript" at ATI online.

  4. Always use the ATI login ID and password to register. If there are any problems, you can contact the concerned department. Even your test scores will be displayed under your ATI account.

In a nutshell, there are a few important things to note for the TEAS test register process: remember to create an online ATI account, save the number that is issued, and put in the details of the test location very carefully.

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