TEAS Test Prep Book

From Where Can You Obtain a TEAS Prep Book?

It is a well-known fact that grades and recommendation letters carry importance in the entry of students into nursing programs. However, in the recent years, there is yet another important criterion that determines the enrollment of an aspiring nursing student into his/her desired nursing college. And that's the TEAS! Yes, how much you score in this test speaks for your standing in the admission process. The higher you score, the better are your chances to get into the nursing college of your preference.

Obtaining your desired score, however, is not too hard. A sincere and efficient preparation is all that you are required to focus on. As a first step, you must start collecting test preparatory materials and search for all the possible sources of a good book or guide. This article shall give you some guidance in choosing an effective preparatory book.

A few of the popular books for TEAS are reviewed here. However, you must choose the one that fits your requirements the best.

TEAS V Study Package by ATI

The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) offers an online test prep book called "TEAS V Study Package". The package is available from the official website of ATI (www.atitesting.com) for a set price. It includes a study manual and two online assessments.

Why should you go for this package?

  • The topics and concepts detailed in the manual are highly reliable as ATI is considered the most authentic source of test information. You are not required to do a cross reference while following this book.

  • A special team of psychometricians having high expertise in test development are involved in the preparation of these study materials. Test-taking strategies detailed by such experts will be of immense help to students.

  • The question banks are framed by experts in nursing education. They are people who have a thorough knowledge of the most recent technologies in the nursing field. Hence, the standard and quality of the practice assessments can be considered high.

What would limit you from getting this book?

Not all students would be able to afford a new book. Some might plan to collect used books from others or download free version of prep books that are available online. However, considering the standard of the manual and practice tests, maintained by ATI, it would be a worthy investment for a fruitful test preparation.

Next to the official book, the following are the recommended study books:

McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams by Thomas Evangelist & Co.

This book is one of the popular prep books among the test takers. It includes several chapters that specifically cover the required courses to take up the nursing school entrance exams. The entire syllabus is, thus, covered as well.

Barron's Nursing School Entrance Exams by Corinne Grimes & Co.

Barron's Nursing School Entrance Exams is written by a team of experts in the field of education. Apart from precise explanations for each course of study, the book includes a detailed chapter on the test-taking strategies, which has useful and practical tips for taking the test.

Why should you go for these books?

  • The authors of these books are prominent tutors of nursing test preparations.
  • The explanations of basic concepts are not too elaborate. They are written concisely for the purpose of easy learning by students.
  • The practice tests are known to have helped many students to get a high test score.
  • These books are easily available at cheaper rates through popular websites.

What would limit you from getting these books?

The content is not exclusively written for this test, though it is very similar. Again, there is the money factor that a few students might need to think about.

The idea of an ideal guide may vary from one student to another. With the help of the reviews provided, you must be able to choose the one which you feel is the most advantageous.