TEAS Test Nursing

What is the Utility of TEAS Test?

Do you want to be a healthcare professional?

Do you wish to take up nursing as your career?

Do you love to take care of people and their health?

Do you always wish to help people recover optimal health?

If your answer is a "yes" to all the above questions, then TEAS test nursing has to sit right on top of the priority list in your career agenda. This test forms the foundation for your admission and opens the gates to allied Health Care programs conducted by the top-notch schools across USA.

Studying for the TEAS test nursing is no Greek and Latin. It is all that you have learnt during your school in Maths, Science, Reading & English and Language usage skills. However, one might require refreshing those concepts before taking the test. It is no rocket science and if you have the right aptitude and beaming interest in nursing beginning to build in you, then you must take this exam.

Why TEAS Test Nursing?

Test of Essential Academic Skills - TEAS test nursing is conducted by ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC) to judge the basic essential skills of a candidate's stature towards nursing as a profession. Thereby, taking up this test becomes a mandate for every aspiring candidate who wishes to enter the healthcare profession. This test becomes the decision-making tool for the schools as it predicts the suitability of a candidate in this profession, by all means, in terms of being a successful nurse.

The TEAS Exam thus forms the main criteria for seeking an admission into a nursing program.

What is TEAS Test Nursing all about?

Success as a nursing professional begins with strong knowledge of the basics taught during the high school studies. The TEAS test nursing conducted by ATI, LLC is an aptitude test to evaluate your skills and abilities in becoming a healthcare professional. The exam is conducted in two formats, computer-based, and paper and pencil-based formats respectively. The duration of the exam in both formats is 209 minutes. The TEAS test nursing takes you through a 170 multiple-choice questions with four options each to choose from. This is a content-driven exam, which is divided into four sections, namely; Maths, Science, Reading, and English & Language Usage.

You will be given 56 minutes to answer 45 questions from Maths, 38 minutes to answer 30 questions of Science, 50 minutes to complete the Reading section of 40 comprehensive paragraphs & passages and 65 minutes to do the English & Language Usage Section. To excel in this test, one should be acquainted with the content within these four subjects, which includes vocabulary, reading comprehension & passage, general science, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, algebra, metric conversions, percentage, graphs and more.

Here, it becomes very important for the candidate to utilize the time effectively so as to complete every section efficiently.

How to Take the TEAS Test Nursing?

Official test website for TEAS test nursing is www.atitesting.com

The first step to take the TEAS test nursing is to create an account with ATI, which can be done online on their website. However, you need to remember that this is simply to create an account with ATI and in no means serves good as a registration for the exam. You will be given an assessment ID, which remains the same for any test taken through the ATI.

The website gives you all the details pertaining to the TEAS test nursing, which include, the information related to the test centres, date, time, cost of the test, names of the schools and universities you wish to apply for and a lot more. Once registered, you will also find a multitude of paid resources of which you can make optimum use, like the study tools, assessment forms with instant scorecards, study packages to a book on tips and strategies to help you excel in the test. Knowing one's strength and weakness in a subject not only helps you during the preparations but also builds your confidence level and boosts up self-motivation.

The test scores are available online within 48 hours of your exam. The added advantage for every student is that the scorecard includes the composite and individual scores for each section. This enables the schools to know the candidate's strength and weaknesses in a particular subject.

By now, it must be evident enough for you to understand the importance and benefits of taking the TEAS test nursing. Hence, it is time to stop thinking and start acting on your vision.

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