TEAS Test Help

Where Can You Obtain TEAS Test Help?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a test administered by the ATI to identify potential candidates who would successfully complete a nursing program. To identify these, skills and knowledge in the subjects of Math, Science, Language and Reading are tested as the skills in these areas are vital for a nurse.


TEAS is a simple test but a thorough preparation for it is essential. There are a few tips that will be very useful as TEAS test help. These are:

  1. Decide on a preparation methodology and start preparing early for the test- The most important TEAS test help would be that you identify a learning methodology and start your TEAS preparation as early as possible.

  2. Brush up your skills and knowledge in the above mentioned fields- All the questions in the TEAS test pertain to what you have studied in grades 7 to 12 and therefore, brushing up what you have studied in school is important to attain a high score in the TEAS.

  3. Identify good study guides- Preparing for the test using a study guide is the easiest way as it will contain all the topics that are covered in the test. Moreover, practice tests would also be available in the book for your perusal.

  4. Draft a study schedule and prepare according to it- Another important TEAS test help is that you draft a study schedule and follow it diligently. When you prepare for the test in an organized manner, you are sure to get good scores.

  5. Take as many practice tests as possible- Practice tests are the key to doing well in the TEAS test. These tests will help you learn the format of the TEAS and therefore, there will be no surprises on the test day. The practice you get from the practice tests would also help you in solving the problems in the actual test.

  6. Relax your mind and be stress-free- Relaxing your mind is the most important technique that you should learn before the TEAS test. A relaxed mind can learn and retain information in a better fashion. Moreover, with a relaxed mind, you would also be able to answer the questions in an easier way. On the other hand, if you are stressed, even a simple problem would look very difficult. There are many candidates who have done badly in the test in spite of a good preparation because they were stressed during the exam. Therefore, the best TEAS test help that one could use is to take a good night’s sleep before the exam so that the mind is fresh during the test.

  7. Exam Tips- Most TEAS test study guides have exam tips which prove to be very useful during the exam. These tips are a kind of TEAS test help to assist you to solve the problems in simple ways, methods to remember formulae and concepts, and mind relaxing techniques.

Where to Find TEAS Test Help?

The TEAS test help is available from various sources. Some of the sources include books, online study guides and websites.

  1. Books- As mentioned earlier, most study guides contain exam tips and TEAS test help methods. These are very helpful during the preparation and during the test. Some of the useful books are McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams & TEAS Review Manual, Vers. V (5) (ATI, Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills(TEAS))

  2. Online Study Guides- Many online study guides are available free of cost and useful tips are made available in these guides as well. The link http://www.getbookee.org/teas-v-study-guide/ gives you access to TEAS online study guides.

  3. Websites- Many TEAS websites provide tips that help you in your preparation. Apart from the tips mentioned under exam tips, these websites may also include ways to guess an answer if you do not know the correct one. The official website of the TEAS can be accessed at https://www.atitesting.com/Home.aspx

To Summarize...

A high score in the TEAS is your passport to a nursing program. Only with a sincere preparation, can you attain these high scores. The above mentioned TEAS test help tips take you one step closer to attaining a good score in the TEAS. Follow these tips with a thorough preparation and you are sure to get admission into a nursing program of your choice.

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