TEAS Test Hard

7 Tips to Help You Pass the TEAS

Is the TEAS test hard? This question is a common cause of worry for many TEAS examinees, and they desperately seek an answer to this. Well, the level of difficulty of an examination is a subjective matter, as one examinee may find a test easy while another may find it hard. However, it can be safely assumed that TEAS requires a good amount of conceptual clarity and knowledge in the content areas that are tested, namely, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Science, English and Language Usage. Thus, a person, attempting TEAS, should be mentally agile.

7 Tips to Help You Pass the TEAS

Some consider TEAS test hard and are not confident of doing well in this exam. Hence, discussed below, are tips to ease the examination tension of such individuals and help them pass the TEAS examination:

  1. Take a methodical approach to your TEAS preparation- Good preparation is often an outcome of a good study strategy. Hence, you must develop a study schedule for TEAS and follow it religiously.

  2. Develop expertise in TEAS content areas- First, visit the official ATI website and find out the content areas that you will be tested on, by TEAS, and clear your concepts in those subjects. TEAS tests your basic academic skills in Reading Comprehension, English Language and Usage, Mathematics and Science. You have to strengthen your concepts pertaining to the subcategories of these subjects.

  3. Fix the exam date, with sufficient time in hand, for preparation- TEAS is not a test for which you can prepare in a hurried manner and score well. You have to prepare for this test well, beforehand. Thus, you must keep at least six months in hand for TEAS preparation.

  4. Set daily preparation goals and meet them- Irregular study habits make TEAS test hard to pass. You have to set realistic goals for completing daily portions. This will make your TEAS preparation less painstaking. Overloading yourself with bigger portions of study, as the exam date approaches, will pressurize you adversely. Consequently, your performance in TEAS will be affected adversely.

  5. Supplement your TEAS studies with authentic TEAS study guides and preparation materials- There are a number of TEAS study guides published by ATI and other publishers, such as Mc Graw Hills, Mometrix Media and Princeton Review. Study guides supplement your preparation well. They are also an exhaustive resource of TEAS practice tests. The practice tests contain both past TEAS papers and also other practice questions, which a TEAS examinee can use to prepare well for the test. Study guides also provide test- taking strategies, which a TEAS examinee can learn and implement for more effective test taking. TEAS prep books have answer keys to TEAS test hard questions. These answers clarify concepts of content areas to a large extent.

  6. General TEAS test taking strategies- TEAS questions are in the multiple-choice format. You can request for a scratch pad during the exam, to use while working on these questions. One method of arriving at the correct answer is to follow the elimination process. For a question, keep eliminating improbable answer choices one by one. This increases your chances of arriving at the correct answer by about twenty-five percent. Another strategy which you could take is to first answer all easy questions in the first attempt, and then review the difficult questions once more, to arrive at the correct answer for questions that you have not attempted in the first attempt. The questions should be read thoroughly.

  7. Specific TEAS test taking strategies Attempting TEAS questions without any strategy makes the TEAS test hard. Presented below are certain strategies for tackling questions of different content areas of TEAS:

    • Reading Comprehension- In this section, it is a good strategy to first take a look at the questions and answers before reading the passage, so that you are familiar with the pattern and level of difficulty of the questions asked.

    • Mathematics- In this section also, you have to follow the process of elimination first. Take a look at the answer choices and eliminate those that look improbable. Try to fit in the answers given one by one for a question and see if they work.

    • Science- The most basic skill required for this section is critical thinking. Applying knowledge to new situations, analyzing each part of information provided, and finding the part that correctly fits the answers is required.

    • English and Language Usage- Not having sound grammar and spelling skills will make this section of TEAS test hard for a TEAS examinee, who should brush up on these skills before appearing for the TEAS.


You will not find the TEAS test hard with the correct kind of preparation. You should remember that the TEAS is a competitive test, which thousands of students will take; and the motive of the test takers is elimination. Hence, you will face tricky questions, which you will need to tackle by applying the strategies discussed above.

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