TEAS Test Dates California

When Should You Take TEAS in California?

The U.S. State of California has several TEAS test centers that offer the paper-based or computer-based test or both. A list of registered ATI testing centers in California, along with the test schedules is available on the official ATI website - http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/customecom/SessionCityStateSelection.aspx?stf=6&stype=1&prev=1.

However, if there are no ATI TEAS test centers in your locality or in the nursing college that you are applying to, there is no need to worry. You could do an online search to get the list of nursing colleges in your locality and then visit each college's website to check if they have a TEAS test center. Now, that you have short-listed the TEAS test centers you are interested in, you may want to know about the TEAS test dates California. We are listing the key considerations that the applicants must consider while selecting from a list of TEAS test dates California, so they could make an advised decision.

The 5 Key Considerations While Selecting TEAS Test Dates California:

  1. Most ATI or nursing college TEAS test centers in California, provide one or maybe a maximum of two test dates, every month of the year.

  2. Many colleges have specific deadlines to their admission cycle. In most colleges, the deadline is typically 6 months prior to the start date of the program. For example, if you are looking for admission in FALL (Sep) 2013, your applications may need to reach the colleges at the start of Spring (March) 2013. What does this mean, with respect to selecting TEAS test dates California? This means that you will have to complete your TEAS test at-least 2 weeks before the admission deadline date, so that the test transcripts can be conveniently mailed to the concerned university. Hence, do all the required research to find the admission deadline dates in the colleges of your choice and also find the TEAS test centers that have test dates available 2 weeks prior to those deadlines.

  3. The applicants must also check with the TEAS test center of their choice on how many days or weeks they will take to mail the transcripts to the colleges of your choice. Typically, it should not take more than a week for the transcripts to be sent across and sometimes the transcripts are sent electronically within a day or two. However, it is best to ascertain this information personally, so you can select a suitable test date from the available TEAS test dates California.

  4. The students, who are not very well prepared for the test or have had a long gap in their exposure to academics, should also consider the possibility of retesting within the same admission cycle, before selecting from the available TEAS test dates California. This need arises when the first TEAS test attempt does not produce the minimum recommended scores required for admission to the nursing program. In this case, the applicants must have sufficient time to be able to retest and still be eligible for the same admission cycle. Some colleges will allow you to retake the test within 15-30 days of the first test date. However, it is the responsibility of the students to check whether the available retesting dates, will be well within the admission deadline for the semester that they are applying to.

  5. Another important consideration, while selecting from TEAS test dates California, pertains to the rescheduling rules of the ATI test center or college. In case, a student has had a change of plans due to personal reasons or lack of confidence to take the exam, it he or she may reschedule the exam for a later date. This way, the applicant could earn precious time to prepare better for the test, without having to think about retesting in case of low scores. However, each test center has strict rescheduling rules. Some centers may allow you to reschedule 2 days prior to the test, while others may require at-least 2 weeks prior notification. In most cases, if you reschedule the test, you may be able to choose dates available only in the next month. If you are rescheduling the test, you may want to check that the rescheduled date falls well within the admission deadline of your college, so you still stand a chance for admission to the desired semester.

In conclusion, we hope this article provides you with enough insight into the TEAS test dates California considerations. Please note that the examples of dates, time periods etc., used in this article are just for illustration purposes. Therefore, the applicants must consult with the official representatives or websites of the test centers for the most recent information.

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