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TEAS Test Calculator Use Regulations

According to TEAS test calculator usage norms, a calculator cannot be used in TEAS test. One may feel the necessity to use a calculator to solve questions in the Mathematics section of TEAS, but this is not allowed. The reason for not allowing usage of calculators for answering the Mathematics section is that this section is specifically designed for testing one's mental agility, rather than Mathematical skills. The questions of this section are simple and one needs to be mentally swift in solving them. As the test is mainly aimed at testing an examinee's mental swiftness, usage of calculators, which aid in performing fast calculations, is prohibited. You can visit the ATI website (https://www.atitesting.com/solutions/prenursingschool/teas.aspx) for the confirmation of this fact.

TEAS Test Calculator Use Regulations

You may be wondering if you could use a scientific calculator (graphing calculator) in TEAS. According to TEAS test calculator usage norms, you cannot use the calculator for arithmetic calculations, as that is going to adversely affect the aim of the test, of assessing your mental aptitude in the mathematics section. According to the testing authorities, usage of any type of calculator is prohibited. Hence, you will not be allowed to use even a scientific calculator. The reason for this may be that, a scientific calculator can also be used for performing the regular non-scientific operations, and it will be difficult for the invigilator to keep a track of its usage by the examinee for normal and for scientific purposes.

What Do TEAS Test Takers Have to Say About TEAS Test Calculator Usage?

When you search for information on the internet for TEAS test calculator usage, you may find that TEAS test takers vary widely in their opinion about the usage of calculators in TEAS. For example, some people say that they were allowed to use calculators that the examining authorities provided, though they were not allowed to take calculators from home. The calculators that they were given were standard calculators and not scientific ones. However, this information seems to be wrong, as the official TEAS website and some others do not advocate the usage of calculators for this examination. Hence, when you receive such information from test takers, please do not depend on them and mar your TEAS preparation by using calculators. Most importantly, do not take calculators to the testing venue, as you may have to face problems when you try to enter the examination hall with calculators. However, if you are still in doubt regarding usage of the calculator in TEAS, you can personally write to ATI authorities and the testing center authorities about TEAS test calculator usage norms and get the correct information from them.

Since When have the ATI TEAS Calculator Usage Norms been Effective?

Though, according to some sources, TEAS test calculator usage rules did allow the usage of calculators that were provided to the students by the testing authorities in the past, from 1st February 2012, the usage of calculators is strictly prohibited for TEAS. Hence, this is applicable for TEAS V, the latest version of TEAS.

Tips for Students to Perform well in TEAS without Calculator Dependency

Now, since you have learnt that you will not be allowed to use a calculator to attempt questions from the Mathematics section of TEAS, you do not have to be disheartened about this. There are ways in which you can reduce or nullify your dependency on the calculator so that you do not have any problems in complying with the TEAS test calculator usage norms. When you practice for TEAS Mathematics section, do not use the calculator. Initially, you may find it a bit difficult, but later, you will get used to it. You should time yourself when you solve practice questions. This will help you in thinking fast and you will be able to solve the questions fast without the aid of a calculator. This exercise will sharpen your brain and help you in attempting the Mathematics section of TEAS without any difficulty, and without using any calculator.


TEAS test calculator usage rules prohibit the usage of calculators in TEAS. Though you may not like this, it is a blessing in disguise for you, as working without a calculator will sharpen your brain. A sharp brain works efficiently. Hence, you will be able to perform well in not only the Mathematics section, but other sections of TEAS, as well.

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