TEAS Test Books

Significance of Study Guides to Aid TEAS Prep

An efficient preparation builds confidence in a test taker so that he/she takes the test with ease. TEAS test books certainly play a significant role in preparing well for the test. This article describes in detail how test prep books can help students to obtain high scores in the test and lists a few useful study books for the TEAS test.

  • All-in-One Study Package

    Most TEAS test study books contain reviews of the four test subject areas, detailing the sub-topics and sub-tasks as well. Practice test questions pertaining to the individual tasks as well as full-length practice tests are included in many TEAS test books. In addition, they cover several helpful test-taking tips and strategies. Thus, you find all that you need for the test preparation in a single book.

    In case you do not use a test book, you might have to refer different textbooks for each test section. Also, you need to spend time on searching online resources for sample tests.

  • Study Guides Help You to Sustain Focus

    In general, maintaining a constant focus on studying is what many students lack when preparing for the TEAS test. It is common for students to skip a few days in between their routine study schedule, mainly because they tend to lose consistent focus towards the test prep. This is all the more common for students who do not use a test study guide.

    However, when you follow a test prep book, you tend to focus more on your preparation. This is because most TEAS test books guide you systematically from one subject area to the other in an organized order. Thus, you continue to follow the flow of the book without deviating to other unnecessary tasks.

  • You Get to Learn Test Strategies

    One of the most significant benefits of TEAS test books is the availing of several practical tips for the test. The following examples of test-taking strategies from popular sources explain this point further:

    • After reading the question, check the answer options and quickly eliminate those choices which appear obviously incorrect to you. Thus, the chances of success of choosing the correct answer increases.

    • In the Passage Comprehension task, it is a good strategy to read the question and the answer choices before reading the passage. This will guide you about what to focus on while reading the passage.

    • When solving mathematical problems, round the numerals to the nearest whole number so that a quick calculation can give you an approximate answer. Check the answer choices and eliminate those which are not close to the approximate answer.

Recommended TEAS Test Study Guides

The big question you need to face at the beginning of your test preparation is about the TEAS study book that you need to choose for your test preparation. To a certain extent, recommendations from other test takers and friends can give you some guidance with this, though personal experiences may vary from person to person, according to their individual aptitude and preferences. Here are a few recommended TEAS test prep books:

  1. The TEAS V Study Manual and Online Practice Assessments: This study package is considered the most useful by many test takers because of the excellent standard of the test reviews maintained by the ATI professionals.

  2. Mc-Graw Hill's Nursing Entrance Exam Study Guide: This book is popular for its good quality of test content and 8 sample tests which have helped several test takers positively.

  3. Kaplan's Nursing Entrance Exam Study Guide: This study prep book is a widely preferred source of TEAS test preparation for its detailed subject descriptions and helpful practice questions.

Keeping the above-mentioned reviews in mind, you may choose to buy one or more TEAS test books for your test preparation. Also, keep in mind to opt for a test guide that includes reliable and precise content because it is important to study from an authentic source; and a precise content can make your learning interesting.

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