TEAS Test Advice

Invaluable Tips for TEAS Test Takers

Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) has been listed as the foremost prerequisite by the top nursing schools across USA. It is an aptitude test conducted by ATI in consensus with the nursing admission guidelines specified by the nursing schools and helps the schools to identify and measure the abilities of a student to take up the course of study and nursing as a profession. However, to be able to score well in the test, one needs to have a close look at the suggestions ascertained for the benefit of the students. Your TEAS scores will help you enter the field of healthcare sciences and achieve your dream goal.

Familiarize Yourself With TEAS

This is not a gruelling exam but one that requires you to be thorough in your high-school study curriculum. It takes you through a set of 170 multiple-choice questions with four options to choose from. The duration of the test is 209 minutes and it can be taken in computer-based or paper and pencil-based formats. It is a content-driven test that covers the subjects namely;

  • Maths
  • Science
  • Reading and
  • English & Language Usage skills

Advice for Test Takers

Following are the most important points that one needs to remember whilst preparing for the TEAS. It is recommended that you strongly follow the advice given below and success will certainly follow you.

  1. Know the Prerequisites: Programs offered in the field of healthcare sciences including nursing require a list of pre-determined conditions to be completed before you apply for admission into schools.

  2. EAS Test Location: Depending on the criteria specified by the nursing schools that you wish to apply for, choose the ideal TEAS test location, date and time for taking the test.

  3. Be the Early Bird: Aspirants for TEAS are rising in number. Register yourself at the earliest possible time to avoid last minute hurdles.

  4. Strengthen Your Subject Knowledge: TEAS is all about the content covered in the Maths, Science, Reading and English & Language Usage skills. The stronger your expertise in these subjects, the easier it is for you to score in the test.

  5. Format of the Test: The test comprises of 170 questions that should be completed with a time frame of 209 minutes. Time allotted for the Maths section is 56 minutes for 45 questions, 38 minutes for 30 Science questions, 50 minutes for 40 Reading questions and 65 minutes for 55 questions from English and language usage.

  6. Follow ATI:  The test is governed by the ATI in consensus with the nursing schools across USA. Therefore, it is evident that one must follow ATI on their official test website www.atitesting.com. You can create an account, receive a unique ID as your identification with ATI and keep yourself acquainted with the latest information.

  7. Study Tools: There are legions of websites offering study manuals and varied other tools for your preparation. However, the most important thing is to follow the official TEAS website where you will have an access to the resources for your study, once you are registered with ATI.

  8. ATI Resources for Study: Following is a gist of resources made available to the students when you click the online store link on the ATI website http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/

    1. Comprehensive research-based book, "Learning Strategies: Your Guide to Classroom and Test-Taking Success" with varied tips and strategies
    2. TEAS V online practice assessment Forms A & B with 150 practice questions with rationales
    3. TEAS V Study Manual labelled to discourse every objective of TEAS
    4. TEAS V Study Package, an assortment of TEAS V online practice assessment forms and TEAS V study manual available at a discounted price
  9. Flashcards: Use of flashcards is a great budget-friendly option available easily for the benefit of the students. It helps you to memorize facts very easily and thereby enabling you to complete your preparatory study efficiently.

  10. Practice Ardently for the Test: Practice and more practice is another key to this test. Solving the practice tests will help you gauge your standing and provide a scope of improvement in the weaker areas of study.