TEAS Test 5.0

Value of TEAS Test 5.0 for Nursing

The TEAS test 5.0 is an entrance test for nursing college applicants, designed by an organization called ATI Nursing Education, based in Kansas City, United States. TEAS is an acronym for "Test of Essential Academic Skills" and 5.0 is the latest version of the test. Most nursing programs in U.S colleges require the applicants to appear for the TEAS test 5.0. However, most colleges weigh an applicant's resultant test scores in combination with other academic qualifications and records such as a GPA etc. The primary purpose of the TEAS test is to determine whether the applicants have the prerequisite academic skills to successfully compete the nursing program or not.

Key Aspects of the TEAS Test 5.0

We will go over the 4 important aspects of the TEAS test in this section of the article:

  1. Test Centers and Registration

    A complete list of test centers or colleges, where the test can be taken, along with the details of the costs involved, is available on the ATI website (www.atitesting.com). As a first step, an applicant must register with the ATI website and create an ATI account. Thereafter, the applicant must check with colleges he or she is applying to, regarding their deadlines for the current admission cycle. Based on the deadline and the time available for test preparation, the applicant may choose a convenient test date and location.

  2. Test Format and Duration

    In most test centers, the test is available in two formats - computerized and paper-based. The time duration of the TEAS test 5.0 is about 209 minutes or approximately 3.5 hours. There are about a total of 170 multiple-choice questions in the test, with each question having 4 choices. The test has 4 subject areas in which an applicant's skills are tested. A detailed description of the test areas is available in the last section of this article.

  3. Test Scores and Validity

    The TEAS test 5.0 does not have a pass or fail criterion. However, most colleges expect minimum recommended scores in each test section. The scores for the computer-based test may be provided immediately to the applicants, if the testing center allows such a practice. For paper-based tests, the scores are generally available within a 24-hour time period. After the test, an online score report will be available to all applicants at the official ATI website. The applicants may also request that score transcripts be sent to individual colleges, after paying the required transcript fees. All applicants must contact ATI to ensure that their score transcripts are sent directly to the college(s) and thereafter, must ascertain that the college(s) has received the transcripts. If an applicant performs poorly in the first attempt or would like to improve his or her scores, then the applicant may re-appear for the test within the same admission cycle. All of the aspects discussed in this paragraph, including the time period for validity of test scores are strictly governed by the admission rules of a college.

We recommend that the applicants contact the college(s) of their choice to get a clear understanding of all their test rules and requirements.

Sections of the TEAS Test 5.0

The TEAS test 5.0 assesses basic skills in the following subject areas:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • English
  • Science

Now, let's review each test section individually:

  1. Reading (48-50 minutes, 42 questions)

    This is a reading comprehension test where an applicant is provided passages to read and thereafter, the applicant is required to answer questions on comprehension skills such as inferences, reasoning, decision making and conclusions, etc.

  2. Math (51-56 minutes, 30 questions)

    This section evaluates the mathematical skills of an applicant in understanding and applying basic mathematical operations to entities such as fractions, ratios, proportions etc, interpretation of data sets and measurements. It also tests an applicant's knowledge of standard algebra and his or her skills in solving algebraic equations.

  3. English (30-34 minutes, 30 questions)

    This section tests the Basic English language usage skills of an applicant and assesses the specific skills of the applicant in the areas of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure of sentences and conventions.

  4. Science (60-66 minutes, 48 questions)

    This section includes questions in all major areas of science such as Biology, Physical Anatomy, Chemistry, Physiology and Life sciences. It also measures the test taker's ability in applying scientific thinking and knowledge to certain scenarios.

The above test sections account to only about 150 questions, while there are 20 additional pre-test questions that may not be scored.

In conclusion, the TEAS test 5.0 is a crucial admission test for nursing college candidates. More resources regarding the test are available at the ATI website (www.atitesting.com).

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