TEAS Study

5 Essentials for Successful Preparation

The TEAS evaluates the academic skills of candidates in Math, Science, Language and Reading which are essential for a nursing student. Though the test is simple, a thorough preparation is required for attaining high scores.

TEAS Preparation

There are a few easy tips that could be followed to make your preparation a success and these tips are:

  1. Know about the test

    The first step is to learn all the details about the test. Once you know the features of the test, you could prepare accordingly and moreover, there will be no surprises in the exam hall. You should know about the following details about the test:

    • Subjects tested
    • Time duration of the test
    • Question types asked in the test
    • The scoring system

  2. Collect all the required study material

    No one can prepare for any test without study materials and therefore, identify the best study materials and purchase them. If the fresh copies of the books are expensive, try to get used ones as they would be more cost effective. Also, make sure that the study guides you intend to use cover all the subject areas of the test. It is also a good idea to share study materials with your friends who are also preparing for the test. Free study materials are also available on the internet and you could use them to gain more knowledge.

  3. Draft a Schedule

    A systematic preparation would take you closer to your target of joining a nursing program and therefore, draft a schedule for this purpose after identifying your strengths and weaknesses. The number of hours you allot for each subject has to be based on these strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Practice Tests

    Practice is the only way that will make you thorough with the subject areas tested in the TEAS and hence, try to take as many practice tests as possible. Most of the books contain practice tests and free practice tests are also available online. Another advantage of working out the practice tests is that you can increase the speed with which you answer a question. An important step after taking up a practice test is to review them as it will help you understand your mistakes.

  5. Believe in Yourself

    Self-confidence and believing in yourself is as important as studying hard for the test. You have to trust that you would do well in the test. Also, do not stress your mind and try to practice relaxation techniques. A relaxed mind can learn more and do well in any test and therefore, relax your mind before studying and before you take up the exam.

Preparation Methodology

The above mentioned essentials of a successful study planning would prove to be useful only if you choose a preparation method that is appropriate for you. The following table gives the different preparation methodologies with advantages and disadvantages of each of them. A separate column gives you the details of the kind of people to whom the method may be appropriate:




Suitable only for


A method where one studies by
himself or herself

  • You can study by yourself
    at a time that is suitable for you

  • Need not depend on anyone

  • Chances of wasting
    time are high
Those who are
  • self-motivated
  • sincere


A method where a group of
friends come together and study

  • Sharing of study material

  • Teaching each other

  • Chances of wasting
    time are high
Those who have
  • Like-minded friends
  • Sincere friends

Professional Help

A method where you enroll in
a class and tutors teach and
help you with studies.

  • All the study material
    will be provided

  • Study schedule
    will be drafted by the tutors

  • The subjects would be taught for
    better understanding

  • Very expensive

  • Classes fixed by the tutors

Those who need
  • Motivation
  • Help in understanding
    and studying

To Summarize

Different preparation methodologies are available for the test and it is your responsibility to identify the one that is best suited for you. Once you have identified this, follow the five essential steps given above for succeeding in the TEAS.