TEAS Study Manual

Significance of TEAS Study Manual for Preparation

ATI TEAS - "Test of Essential Academic Skills" is an aptitude test designed specifically for all those who wish to join the field of nursing. It has been designed by a company called ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) based in Kansas, USA. This company has designed this test in order to gauge the potential and aptitude of candidates who seek to apply in the field of nursing for their post-secondary education. In this test, candidates are tested for their competencies through various sections like English Reading, Math, Science, English and Language Usage etc.

There are many candidates who presume TEAS to be an ordinary aptitude test and hence have been unsuccessful in getting a good score. In reality, this test is psychometrically designed not only to check your aptitude but also to map your competencies that you would essentially require for a nursing program. Hence, you need to give yourself ample time for TEAS preparation and practice.

What is the TEAS Study Manual?

Thankfully, there are many resources available that would help you ace the test with flying colors. One such valuable resource is the TEAS Study Manual designed by ATI. It is a complete guide which is created to address all subject areas for this test.

The TEAS Study Manual consists of a study guide; wherein you are taught to approach each question strategically. There are around 150 questions covered in the guide with answer keys and explanations for each question. Apart from these questions, there are time bound practice tests which enable you to have a firsthand experience of the actual test. Not only does it familiarize you with the existing pattern but it also explains the rationale for correct and incorrect answers equipping you to decode questions using different strategies.

You have to remember that the study manualsand TEAS tests are available in different versions. The Version 3.0/4.0 - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills 3.0/4.0 Study Manual is available which can be used if you are applying for ATI TEAS 3.0/4.0. However, the latest manual is the Version V - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Study Manual. Before choosing any version of this manual, you must confirm with the institutions for the version of TEAS test that they accept, since the study manuals are specific to the versions of test.

Where can you get the TEAS Study Manual?

You can get ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Study Manual at any book store or online. You can go to the official website of ATI TEAS or get it online at other websites, for example:

If you want to be thorough and wish to practice on more mock tests, you can also get the entire TEAS V Study Package which consists of the TEAS Study Manual and two 150 questions practice tests - TEAS V Online Practice Assessments (form A and B). If you feel you don't need the manual but require the test papers only; then you can purchase the TEAS V Online Practice Assessments separately. All these paid resources can help you a lot in your test preparations.

Reviews for the TEAS V Study Manual:

Overall, the user review for the Version V - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Study Manual has been extremely positive. Many candidates who have undertaken the TEAS test claim that the manual is pretty comprehensive and simple to understand. They were able to prepare through self-studies. They've also mentioned that this is a sole guide that has a concise rationale to approach questions in every section.Apart from the assessments mentioned in the TEAS Study Manual, the online practice assessments for TEAS V have proven to be helpful for many candidates.

Since it is a descriptive resource, you get ample of information that helps you to create your own study plan.Also through the questions, you would be able to point out your weakness and strengths.The TEAS Study Manual is a great resource, but it can only help you if you take ample of time to utilize the information mentioned and apply it accordingly for the test.

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