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TEAS Study Guides for Practice

Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) lays the foundation stone of your career graph in the field of healthcare sciences. It is an aptitude test designed by ATI in accordance to the criterion pre-decided by the nursing schools across USA. The TEAS scores justify a student's candidature and abilities to take up the course of study and nursing profession. This makes it evident that scoring well in TEAS is not only essential but is a mandate to get admission into your choice of nursing school.

TEAS is not a gruelling test. It comprises of what you have already studied in high school. However, one needs to do a good refreshing study before taking the exam. TEAS study guides form a great source to refresh your knowledge.

What is TEAS?

TEAS is a content-driven test that takes you through 170 multiple-choice questions with four options each to choose from. The test covers the subjects namely; Maths, Science, Reading and English & language usage skills. Duration of TEAS is 209 minutes and it can be taken in computer-based or paper & pencil-based test formats. Calculators are not allowed in the test; thereby, efficient practice and thorough subject knowledge by use of TEAS study guides are the key factors for TEAS test preparation.

The Key Tool for Your Preparations

Theofficial test website and bible for TEAS is www.atitesting.com.You must create an account with ATI where you will be given a unique ID, which will be your identification with ATI and would remain the same for any test taken through ATI.

ATI offers a multitude of resources alongside the TEAS study guides for your study:

  • A comprehensive research-based book, "Learning Strategies" with varied tips and strategies
  • TEAS V online practice assessment Forms A & B with 150 practice questions along with scorecards
  • TEAS V Study Manual designated to address every objective of TEAS
  • TEAS V Study Package, an ideal deal with a blend of TEAS V online practice assessment forms and TEAS V study manual at a discounted price

To avail use of these resources, click the online store option of the ATI website: http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/

Review of varied TEAS Study Guides

  • Books of McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams: A widespread informative book that offers a helping-hand by providing the techniques and strategies to improve one's skills. This book is developed by a team of renowned test-prep tutors. It comprises of eight practice tests, drills on skill-building, proven strategies to take the test. It acts as a step-by-step guide to help you succeed in the TEAS test.

  • McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests: This is one of the ideal TEAS study guides for every TEAS aspirant. It is an assortment of 6 full-length TEAS practice tests with rationale for every question along with the answers. It helps you gear up for all the sections of the TEAS test by preparing you head strong with all the practice that you need before taking the TEAS exam.

  • Secrets of the TEAS V Exam - A Study Guide: This book is a conglomerate of practice test questions and the guide to crack all the four sections of the TEAS test. It is one of the many TEAS study guides available for your use and has been written and developed by a team of exam experts. Thereby, it is evident that the focus of this book is entirely on the dire needs of a test taker and the ways to improvise their skills.

  • Book of Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams: This book features 2 complete practice tests justifying the answers, lessons, reviews and also provides surplus test-taking strategies.

There are legions of websites that offer practice TEAS study guides and practice test papers alongside flashcards for TEAS preparations. However, it is strongly recommended to follow the official test website and study tools to keep you well-run with the latest updates.

Time taken by an individual to prepare for the TEAS test varies to a great extent. You might want to dedicate more amount of time for your study if you are not out of your high school recently. This will help you in being afresh with the subjects. Remember, excessive practice and thorough subject knowledge along with the guidance taken from TEAS study guides brings higher chances to excel in TEAS.

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