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Accepted by many nursing schools and healthcare institutions in the United States, the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is an important exam for nursing aspirants. If preparing for nursing college, here is a list of TEAS study guide resources that you may find useful:


Developed and conducted by the ATI Nursing Education Company, US, the TEAS is a computerized test of academic abilities and knowledge levels as required for nursing program students. Based on the TEAS V (the current version of the test), institutions can measure the potentials of candidates and accordingly make their admission decisions. Institutions use the TEAS scores for assessing the need for any preparation programs as well, so as to help potential students improve in their respective weaker areas, if any.

The following are the various areas covered in the TEAS test:

  • English and Language usage
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Science

All the questions posed in this test are of multiple-choice type. Out of the 170 questions, 40 are from the Reading skills area, 45 from the Mathematics area, 30 from the Science areas and 55 are from the English and Language usage areas. Thus, the test covers the various core academic areas and skills as required for successfully completing an entry-level nursing program at college.

For more information on this test, you may refer to the official ATI testing website: https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx

TEAS Test Practice and Preparation

As in the case of any other testing, you may find quite a good number of TEAS study guide resources, as well, in the market today. While some of the resources are free of cost and can be found online, for many others you may need to pay. Quite a good number of printed TEAS study guide books are also available apart from the online materials and practice programs.

While choosing any materials, however, you may need to be wise and practical. Moreover, you should always select those TEAS study guide books or resources that fit your specific needs for preparation. As you already are aware of the test areas covered in the test, it would not be very difficult to choose a good TEAS study guide for yourself. You may also check the reviews listed here before choosing a good TEAS resource:

Reviews of TEAS Study Guide Books

Listed here are three TEAS study guide resources that you may find useful for your TEAS test preparation:

  1. McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams - This may not be a guide book specifically designed for TEAS test preparation. However, from one of the well-known professionals in the test prep industry, this is a title that provides comprehensive information about the various nursing entrance tests accepted and administered in the country, including the TEAS test. It is a study guide that gives you the most important skill-building techniques and strategies for taking the test. 8 practice tests, drills, strategies, all important facts about the TEAS test are included in this guide. This step-by-step guide is considered a stepping stone to success by many. You may find more information about this guide at: http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=xMANEn8WUrwC&pg=PA20&dq=TEAS+test+nurse&hl=en&ei=U7U2TeKzOY_O4gaF58HuAg&sa=X&

  2. Secrets of the TEAS Exam: Study Guide and TEAS Test Review for the Test of Essential Academic Skills - Published by the Mometrix Media, this is a popular review guide for TEAS test preparation. This guide is specifically written by experts to aid your success in the TEAS test and includes all the essential tips, strategies as required for taking the test. Review materials include those for the various topics and sub topics in the Science, Math, English, and Reading comprehension areas. More information about this competitively priced TEAS study guide is available at: http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-TEAS%C2%AE-Exam-Study-Guide/dp/1609710134

  3. TEAS Review Manual, Vers. V (5) (ATI, Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills(TEAS) - One of the most popularly accepted TEAS study guide resources, this one is from the ATI (Assessment Technologies Inc.), the administrators of the test. This guide resource ensures coverage of all the essential areas tested in TEAS, like skills in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English usage. Review materials on all the four core areas, practice materials, and detailed answer keys are parts of this essential study guide for TEAS preparation. This title is competitively priced, as well (http://www.amazon.com/Review-Manual-Essential-Academic-Skills/dp/1933107987/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_z).

However, this is only an indicative list and not comprehensive in nature. You may find many more good TEAS study guide resources in the market today. However, when you choose a resource for yourself, ensure that it covers the required areas, guides you through your preparation and thus, helps you achieve your larger goal of becoming a nurse.

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