TEAS study guide for nursing

Where can you find TEAS study guide for nursing Reviews?

If you are a candidate who is seeking admission for a nursing program with a good school, you would be aware that it is mandatory to clear the TEAS test, before applying to the nursing program. A TEAS study guide for nursing can be a good preparatory tool for achieving this aim.

The Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a standardized aptitude test for basic skills. The TEAS score is generally the selection criteria accepted by institutes to shortlist candidates who apply for nursing programs. This test is designed by ATI in order to perform competency mapping for the candidates applying according to the requirements of the nursing program. The essential skills tested through this test are logical reasoning, problem solving and conceptual clarity.

About the TEAS Test:

The TEAS test is a time bound test divided in 4 sections which are the Reading section, the Math section, the Science section and the English language and Usage section. It is in the multiple choice format and has 170 questions. The TEAS test lasts for about 209 minutes. The TEAS test is becoming highly competitive and thus requires a lot of preparation. Since the TEAS test score is the deciding factor for the admission for a nursing program, it becomes all the more important to choose good quality TEAS study resources.

The question now is where you can find a TEAS study guide for nursing preparation?

While preparing for TEAS, it is important for you to verify the quality of content of TEAS study material through some reliable sources. Often, many study resources claim to be a complete TEAS study guide for nursing; however, due to inadequate information on all TEAS test sections, poor rationales and lack of helpful strategies, these guides prove to be of inferior quality. It should thus be known, that a good quality TEAS guide would also have positive reviews and an overall high rating given by customers.

Where can you find a good TEAS study guide for nursing?

A complete TEAS study guide for nursing would have a comprehensive theory for all the TEAS sections. It would also contain sample questions and a rich question bank for practice assessments. The TEAS guide should also provide strategies and methods of solving tough and tricky TEAS questions.

You would be able to access study resources for the TEAS test through various sources like the online market or through various book stores. You can get any information related to a reliable TEAS study guide for nursing from blogs and online stores. You can also access good TEAS resources from your school or community library and even from book-lending shops.

TEAS Books/E-books Reviews:

There is some helpful information mentioned below, for few TEAS study guides, which have received good reviews and consistent ratings online.This might help you decide which TEAS study guide for nursing, you could use for your personal preparation.

  1. The TEAS V Study Package:

    The official TEAS study package, available at the website of ATI, has proven to be very beneficial for many candidates and has outstanding user reviews online.
    This package consists of the official ATI TEAS study manual and two TEAS simulated online assessments. It is also available on other websites like www.amazon.com. In fact, the user ratings mentioned on www.amazon.com for this particular book is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

  2. The McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests:

    This TEAS study guide for nursing, in particular has good user reviews, especially for its rich TEAS question bank. It is a compilation of 6 elaborate TEAS assessments along with relevant rationales supporting the answer keys. This guide is available in various book stores but can be easily ordered online. This book is available at
    and user rating mentioned on www.amazon.com for this TEAS guide is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

  3. Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams:

    This book is known to be an all in one book required for cracking exams like NET, TEAS, or NLN PAX-RN. It has numerous TEAS practice questions with relevant rationales. It also contains good problem solving strategies which would help you to attain a high score in TEAS test.This is available many bookstores and libraries. However, you may purchase it online at
    The user ratings mentioned on www.amazon.com for this particular book is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

To avail a good TEAS guide for nursing is the foremost suggestion given to any person preparing for TEAS. In fact, studying from a poor TEAS study guide for nursing could lead you to secure a low TEAS score, which can cost you dearly. Since this is the foundation on which your study plan is doing to depend, a good quality TEAS guide is definitely worth investing in.

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