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5 Things a TEAS Study Guide Book Must Have!

Numerous TEAS test study guides can be obtained from the ocean of the internet resources. However, what you need exactly is one proper TEAS study guide book for your test preparation. This article is intended to act as a guide for you, in choosing a worthy TEAS test prep book for your test preparation. The following are the five primary criteria that a complete test preparatory book should have:

  1. Reliability of the Content

    Imagine you get a 300-page big book of TEAS test preparatory content, but with incorrect formulae in the math section. Does it sound good? Definitely not! That is why, it is important to find a TEAS study guide book from a reliable source.

    How Can You Assess the Reliability of a Test Guide, Then?

    You must check for the source company/publication or the author(s) of the book. A nursing entrance test book written by an expert in the nursing field is ought to be of a reliable quality, isn't it? Hence, you must make sure to get a test prep book from an authentic source.

  2. Precise Explanations

    What is important next is the content of the TEAS study guide book. The content includes explanations of the concepts pertaining to the TEAS test, reasons describing why a particular option would be the most appropriate answer and why another would not be an appropriate choice along with mathematical formulae, scientific concepts and terminologies and a good vocabulary resource.

    What Should an Ideal Content be made of?

    Precise explanation of the concepts rather than elaborate descriptions, is what, is actually required for the test preparation. Lengthy explanations could over-jam your brain and at the same time, make the study uninteresting. Therefore, you must be careful to look-in for guides having content that is precisely, necessary and appropriate, for the test preparation in the particular subject area.

  3. Ideal Practice Tests

    A complete TEAS study guide book must include enough practice questions and tests for the students. Most well-known test guides like the McGraw-Hill's Nursing Entrance Study Guide, provide short practice tests at the end of each chapter as well as full-length practice tests.

  4. Test Preparatory Guidance

    A few TEAS test guides are available, which are specifically developed to aid students, in grasping the test subjects effectively and making them get stronger in the necessary skills. Mometrix Media LLC Study Guides, for example, provide a flashcard system of important subject points. The flashcard system uses the strategy of repetitive learning which has proved effective for many students so far. Similarly, a few companies offer a nook book form of a TEAS study guide book which has made learning interesting for high mobile-using students.

  5. Test-Taking Strategies

    Would you not appreciate if there could be a shortcut for the multiplication of two, three-digit numbers? You will, isn't? This is exactly how practical test-taking tips and strategies can help you. Barron's Nursing Entrance Study Guide includes an exclusive chapter on the nursing test-taking strategies which can make an efficient TEAS study guide book for all the candidates.

The following reviews of a few TEAS study books can further help you in deciding the appropriate one for you:

  1. The TEAS V Study Manual by ATI: The TEAS V Study Manual by ATI, the official test company is considered the best source of TEAS test preparation among the test takers. The obvious reason for its high success rate is the reliability of the source. This study manual is coined by a team of experts in the field of nursing education, making it a preferable choice for many.

  2. The TEAS V Online Practice Assessments: The ATI offers two online practice assessments; namely, A and B. It suggests the students to take the assessment A before the test preparation, as a means to identify their weak subject areas. The assessment B is designed to be taken after the test preparation, which would be just like the actual test, thus training the test takers in the right kind of test preparation.

  3. The Mometrix Media LLC Study Guides: The Mometrix Media LLC publication introduces innovative study aids in most of their TEAS prep books. The flash card system, for instance, is one such new introduction by them. The test takers, definitely, find learning interesting and amusing by using such study aids.

You must also remember that you do not have to necessarily try out each book to decide its usefulness. Rather, you can relate the above-mentioned criteria with a quick glance of the test guide in a few minutes.

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