TEAS Science Study Guide

How to Make the Most of a TEAS Science Study Guide

A TEAS Science study guide is a preparatory book for the Science section of TEAS. TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is an aptitude test for assessing the essential academic skills of nursing aspirants. TEAS scores are used by colleges to take decisions regarding admission of applicants to nursing courses offered by them. TEAS comprises questions from four academic areas, out of which, the Science section is the largest. This section individually covers 32% of the entire TEAS test, while all the other sections, together, constitute the rest of the 68 % of the TEAS test.

A Brief Overview of the TEAS Science Section

The TEAS Science section constitutes 32 % of the TEAS test. The section has 30 questions, on the whole, which have to be answered in 38 minutes.

The individual breakup of the different sections is as follows:

Life Science- 10 percent

Earth and Physical Science- 9 percent

Human Body Science- 7 percent

Scientific Reasoning- 5 percent

The questions pertaining to these sections are of high school level.

Reviews of Popular TEAS Study Guides with Special Emphasis on Science Guides

TEAS test takers commonly opine that the Science section of TEAS is tougher than the others, as its gamut is larger than the gamuts of other sections of TEAS (Reading, English and Language Usage, and Mathematics). When selecting a TEAS Science study guide, you should specifically be on the lookout for a book that covers a wide range of science topics, as some of the most superior quality guidebooks do not seem to cover everything that a TEAS examinee may be questioned upon, in the TEAS Science test.

Given below is a discussion about some of the TEAS study books that users have rated highly:

  • ATI TEAS Review Manual, Vers. V(5)(ATI, Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)- This preparatory book for TEAS is recommended as a good TEAS Science study guide, by TEAS test takers. The advantage of following this book is that you are studying the material designed by the creators of TEAS. Hence, you can expect to find resources on all the topics that you will be tested on in TEAS, including the Science section. This book will, strictly, not contain resources on topics which are out of TEAS syllabus.

  • Mometrix Media TEAS V Science, Secrets Study Guide- All TEAS study guides of Mometrix Media Secrets series are highly recommended by TEAS test takers, and this TEAS Science study guide is no different, when it comes to favourable user recommendations. It is designed by subject matter experts who have years of experience in the field. This book stands out amongst others of the category, in being more oriented towards solving issues commonly faced by students in the different content areas of the test. Other study guides simply provide a number of TEAS practice papers, and do not focus on issues, which an examinee faces. The readers of this TEAS Science guide can write to the Secrets V Science authors, or their representatives, if they do not agree with or do not understand, parts of the study guide.

  • McGraw Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests - This preparatory book, not only works very well as a TEAS Science study guide, but also as a general guide for all nursing entrance examinations. It contains questions that are not only meant for TEAS, but also for other nursing entrance examinations; hence, the questions are tougher than the standard TEAS questions. Practicing tougher questions helps a test taker in attempting the actual TEAS questions, effortlessly.

How to Make the Most of a TEAS Science Study Guide?

A TEAS Science study guide immensely helps you in performing well in TEAS, provided you know ways to derive maximum benefit from it, as discussed below:

  • Study the study guide systematically and thoroughly- One should not read the study guide impulsively. The editorial pages of a study guide are as important as the pages containing practice questions, as most often, these pages contain information on the approach an individual should take for studying the study guide.

  • View the TEAS Science study guide as a supplement and not as the only source of preparation- Even the best study guides may not have everything that you need to know to score well in TEAS. It is better to supplement your study guide information with information from other TEAS resources.

  • Always refer to a combination of study guides- You should refer to a number of study guides rather than only one study guide for TEAS.


The Science section of TEAS is the toughest and needs special preparation. A good quality TEAS Science study guide is a must for nursing aspirants who wants to do well in TEAS.

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