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General Science is one of the three main areas tested in TEAS. During your TEAS test preparation, it is vital that you give due importance to the Science topics (along with English and Math) and spend ample time practicing and preparing for the Science section of the test, along with the other sections. You may find many good resources for TEAS Science review and preparation, including e-books and other online resources. In this TEAS Science review article, you may also find reviews of three popular books that can help you choose your science titles for TEAS preparation.

TEAS Science Section - An Overview

The Test of Essential Academic Skills is a test used by many nursing and other healthcare educational institutions to measure the potentials of candidates and accordingly place them (https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx). The TEAS test content is designed carefully to include relevant and core academic areas to effectively fulfill the purpose of testing. English, Science, Mathematics are the three core areas tested in the TEAS test.

The TEAS Science section includes questions from the following broad General Science topics:

  • Human Body Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Earth and Chemical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

Out of the 170 questions included in the TEAS test, 30 are from the Science section. All the questions are of multiple-choice type.

In effect, the TEAS test preparation cannot be complete without a sincere effort to review the essential General Science topics.

How to Go about a TEAS Science Review?

As mentioned earlier, the core areas of Biological, Chemical, and Physical Sciences together make the TEAS Science section. A comprehensive TEAS Science review should include review of all the relevant topics and subtopics accordingly. In addition to review materials, practice questions and examples also should be part of your TEAS Science review. Also, tips, tricks, and strategies for handling the TEAS Science topics should be included in the purview of study, when getting ready for the TEAS test.

You may find many prep resources - books, e-books, other electronic and digital materials, online and downloadable files - that can aid in your TEAS Science review. Prep programs are another popular option available for TEAS test preparation. Given below is an indicative list of titles that you may use for your TEAS Science preparation.

Review of TEAS Science Resources

Three popular resources that people use for TEAS Science review are listed here. All of these titles are available in electronic as well as print formats:

  • TEAS Pre-Test Study Manual: Reading, Mathematics, Science and English - Published by ATI, the developers of the TEAS test; this is an authentic and quality title for TEAS Science review and preparation. Though it includes review content for all the TEAS test sections and not just for the Science section, the content is complete and exhaustive and provides the basis for your TEAS preparation efforts. It includes the following features:

    • Instructional content for all the relevant sections
    • Practice questions and answer keys
    • A comprehensive model test with answer keys
    • Competitive pricing

    This guide can be purchased from the local bookstalls or from the ATI web store (http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/).

  • Pass the TEAS V! A complete study guide with practice test questions, - This title from Complete Test Preparation Team, is yet another popular choice among many test takers for TEAS Science review. This is also a comprehensive test help for TEAS, and covers the following:

    • Review and instructional materials for all relevant test areas including Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Ecology, Earth and Physical Sciences
    • Practice tests and questions with detailed answer keys
    • Two dedicated chapters for tips and tricks and strategies for taking the TEAS test
    • Competitive pricing

    The guide can be bought online as a nook book or e-book or as a printed version from local bookstalls.

  • Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams (Graduate School Test Preparation) - A title from the famous publishing house of Princeton Review, this is a prep book meant for the various nursing school admission tests including TEAS. Though, not specifically meant for TEAS test, this is considered a good TEAS Science review book by many test takers for scoring high in the TEAS test. This title includes:

    • Thorough reviews of all tested Science topics including Earth, Chemical, Physical, Biological, Ecological, Anatomical, and Physiological Sciences
    • A good number of practice problems along with detailed answer keys
    • Online access to a full-length, actual-like TEAS practice test
    • Competitive pricing

    The title can be purchased online or from local book stores. For more information on this title, you may refer to: http://www.amazon.com/Cracking-Nursing-Entrance-Graduate-Preparation/dp/0375427422.

In conclusion, it can be wisely said that no section of the TEAS can be left out or given less priority while preparing for the TEAS test. Depending on your comfort levels in a particular topic or area, you may choose to spend less or more time for that part; and accordingly choose your resources for test preparation, either comprehensive or specific in nature.

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