TEAS Review

How to Judge a TEAS Prep Source?

The very first step you take towards your career in the field of nursing would be to enroll in a reputed nursing program from a good school. A good school with a strong program helps you prepare for the journey ahead in your line of profession. In order to get admission into a good school, you need a good score in the TEAS.

The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a mandatory aptitude test has to be taken by everyone aspiring to study nursing. Schools set their own cut off scores and thus it is very important for you to get a good result so that you can make it through. You would need a strong study plan and resources with a good study guide to kick start your journey for preparation.

The question that arises now is that how do you assess the resources available to you? If you want to know which book is good for you, you would have to keep a few points in mind and narrow down your search based on good user reviews for all the books. With the help of good books authored specifically for this test, you can definitely ace this test.

Points to Consider for Proper Preparation:

The Test Structure:

Firstly, know about the test pattern and structure. The test is made up of the multiple choice questions. It has four sections i.e. 40 questions in the reading section, 45 questions for the math section, 30 questions for the science section and 55 questions for English and language usage section. The entire test lasts for about 3 ½ hrs.

Practice for the Simulation Test:

Secondly, a good guide would definitely have ample of practice sessions based on the test structure or pattern. These guides would give you mock tests simulating the actual test with time bound questions so that you know the areas of your strengths and weaknesses while preparing for the test.

Look For Rationale:

Thirdly, always choose a book that provides rationales along with the answer key. You don’t have to mug up all the answers; you need to understand why the answer to a particular question is right or wrong. Hence, any study guide with rationales would not only help you to reason while answering; but would also equip you to strategize and eliminate the wrong answers while attempting any question.

Reviews of Prominent Books for TEAS Prep:

After considering the important aspects of the test it is important to check the reviews given by candidates who have already taken this test and have attained good scores. The reviews of a few good books are provided here:

  1. TEAS V Study Package: It is a paid preparation resource that contains the TEAS V study manual and two online practice assessments (specific to TEAS version V). Published by ATI, this official study guide happens to have strong positive reviews and many candidates appearing for this test have benefited from it. The online assessment tests in the package are pretty good and if you wish to purchase the study guide or the online assessments separately, you can do so by going to the official website of ATI. (www.amazon.com/Review-Manual-Essential-Academic-Skills/dp/1933107987)

  2. McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests: This guide is authored by Kathy Zahler . Unlike the name suggests this study guide contains 6 full-fledged practice papers for the test and has a well described rationale for the answers. The Science section is explained really well and this aspect differentiated this book from the other guides. (http://www.amazon.com/McGraw-Hills-5-TEAS-Practice-Tests/dp/0071767770)

  3. Secrets of the TEAS® V Exam Study Guide: Published by Mometrix Media LLC (2011), this guide also has great reviews from many candidates who have appeared for this test. This study guide has topics that are well researched by experts and has practice sessions that prepare you for the actual test. The rationale in particular for questions pertaining to every section happens to be this guide's key strength. (http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-TEAS%C2%AE-Exam-Study-Guide/dp/1610739868)

Apart from going by these reviews, you must try and go to blogs or forums (for ex: http://allnurses.com) and get first-hand information about the test, books or even a study plan. This way, you would also avoid being prey to poor resources that would not benefit at all.You always remember to pick out a resource after verifying the reviews given by candidates who have already achieved a great score in the TEAS. Remember a little personal research on your part would benefit you greatly in the long run.