TEAS Preparation

Step-By-Step TEAS Preparation Guide

The TEAS or the Test of Essential Academic Skills is a test administered by the ATI to recognize potential candidates for the various nursing programs across the United States. This test aims at identifying the academic skills of candidates in Math, Science, Reading and Language which are essential for successful completion of a nursing program.

The TEAS requires elaborate preparation if you aim at scoring high grades and it must be noted that, only with high grades can one join a nursing program as the admissions are highly competitive.

In this article, we shall discuss a few steps that you need to take to prepare for the test comprehensively.

TEAS Preparation Guide

  1. Identify the appropriate preparation methodology

    The first step in TEAS preparation is to identify the method by which you would be studying for the test. The different options available are: Self-study, Group-study and Professional help. All these options have advantages and disadvantages. Based on your strengths and weaknesses, you would have to make the choice. If you are highly motivated and capable of independent study, then self-study would be ideal for you. If you have good friends who are serious about the test preparation, then you could opt for group-study. On the other hand, if you require constant supervision and support, seeking professional help is the best option.

  2. Identify good Study Guides

    The next step would be to identify good study-guides. Many good TEAS books are available in the market and you should ideally read the reviews and choose the book that is best suited for you. Moreover, free online books are available which could also be used for the TEAS preparation. The book, TEAS Review Manual, Vers. V has been published by the ATI and proves to be very useful while preparing for the test.

  3. Take up a pre-test

    An important step in your TEAS preparation is to take up a pre-test. The results of this would throw light on your strong and weak areas which would help you plan your future preparations.

  4. Draft a schedule

    Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, draft a study schedule in which you should allot more time for your weaker areas. It is also suggested that you apportion some time for practice tests but make sure that you do not crowd your time-table with study time alone since relaxation time is equally important .

  5. Monitor or Review your Progress

    Drafting a schedule alone is not enough, you also have to monitor your progress and check if you are following the schedule strictly or not. This can be done by reviewing your schedule every alternate day and equitably compensating for missed hours, if any.

  6. Practice Tests

    Practice is the only way by which you can learn concepts and be thorough. Attempt to take as many practice tests as possible. It is advised that you take up at least two practice tests in one week. This practice will make sure that you understand the format of the test better and thereby there will be no surprises in the test. You would also be able to find solutions for the problems in an easier way.

  7. De-stress yourself

    If your mind is relaxed, you could learn better and therefore, de-stress your mind with relaxation techniques. Make it a point to get a good night's sleep before the test day. Many times, even after a good TEAS preparation, students are unable to perform to their best ability because they are stressed and therefore, strive to relax your mind and body before the test.


The TEAS is a simple test if you are well prepared for it. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you would be able to do justice to TEAS preparation and once you have prepared well, you can easily ace the TEAS. In simple words, if you work hard and approach the test without any stress, you would definitely get a high TEAS score by means of which you could join a nursing program of your choice.

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