An Ideal TEAS Prep Plan

The TEAS (Test for Essential Academic Skills) exam,an aptitude test aiming to assess competencies required by potential nursing students, is undertaken by candidates who aspire to enroll into a good school. The TEAS test is a pre-requisite for many schools with strong nursing programs which makes it all the more important for aspiring students to score well in it.

If you are a potential nursing student and are contemplating on how to prepare you for the TEAS exam, there are a few tips and strategies you can follow that would help you ace the test. But before you do so, remember that it takes self-discipline and determination to reach any goal even if a few things go awry during the journey.

Study plan for TEAS test:

Any clever study plan needs to have specific areas to work on. Your schedule must be time bound and has to enable you to improve. The plan also needs to be practical, which means that you can't be studying all 24 hours in a day. So divide your time accordingly. Your TEAS Prep starts by creating a regime that would suit you. Not only does it commence here, it creates the foundation for the journey ahead.So how do you start?

  1. Purchase A Good Study Guide: You have to get access to some good TEAS resources that would aid your TEAS Prep. Join a community or online forum for TEAS and seek advice on what schools demand. Go to the websites of schools and understand their requirement; this would help you in your preparation.

  2. Know The Test: You have to familiarize yourself with the test pattern before you start your TEAS Prep. TEAS exam is a 170-questions test divided into 4 time-bound sections and the entire test lasts for about 4 hours. The test sections are the Reading Section (40 questions within 50 minutes), the Math Section (45 questions within 56 minutes), the Science Section (30 questions within 38 minutes) and the English and Language Usage Section (55 questions within in 65 minutes).

  3. Set Your Target Teas Scores: By now you would be aware of what are the acceptable TEAS scores for good nursing program in reputed schools. Set your TEAS score that you want to achieve. This would be your personal target score.

  4. Assess Yourself: You need to know on what ground you stand before you even plan go ahead. Take an online assessment or any practice assessment available in a good TEAS book and calculate your current score. By doing this, you would get a fair idea of which area you need to invest more time in for your TEAS Prep. Try to access a practice assessment that simulates the actual TEAS test.

  5. Work on Improvement: Every section you assess would definitely have some areas where you could work on to improve your score. You would also know your strengths; try to spend less time on the topics you are already good in. Divide the practice time you've allotted to the topics that need more practice.

  6. Map your Progress: No matter how much time it takes, try to solve as many practice sessions as possible. Set a day for taking a TEAS assessment twice a week or once a week as it suits you and map your scores. Note all the scores to check your improvement. This should tell you to gear yourself up for the D-day for TEAS exam. Your TEAS Prep is incomplete if you are unaware of the progress you make.

Every individual has a unique and different learning pattern. Hence, try and create a study plan that would help you learn faster. By using the strategies mentioned above, you would be able to prepare yourself for the test in time. It would take discipline on your part to adhere to the plan you've created. But by investing time and utilizing the study material, you would be able to secure a good TEAS score in the test.

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