TEAS Prep Course

How to Make the Most of TEAS Prep Course

A TEAS prep course is a tutor-aided classroom study program that is offered by many institutions conducting preparatory courses for college aptitude tests. The TEAS is a test formulated by ATI for nursing aspirants. Colleges use TEAS scores to assess nursing course applicants' suitability to the courses offered by them. TEAS scores are in high demand by prestigious colleges these days. Hence, an individual aspiring for taking up a nursing course in college, should take the TEAS and also perform well in it.

Why Should I Join a TEAS Prep Course?

Instead of a TEAS prep course, one can opt for preparing for TEAS using a TEAS study guide or online practice material. Though study guides and online practice materials help in exposing you to the actual TEAS environment, they do not provide the kind of study advices or study strategies, which a tutor-aided classroom program can provide. In a prep course, the tutor will pilot your preparation systematically leading you through the entire preparatory process. In a classroom preparatory course, the tutor will identify your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to TEAS and guide you, in a step-by-step manner, in sharpening your strengths and correcting your flaws.

Review of Some TEAS Prep courses

ATI does not conduct any TEAS prep course, though it has an exhaustive study manual, which is of immense help in preparing for TEAS. There are some universities that offer classroom preparatory courses for TEAS. Presented below are reviews of TEAS prep courses offered by some universities:

  • Dade Medical College - This college offers an on-campus TEAS V preparatory course of 120 hours duration, throughout the year, on its Miami Dade and Broward County campuses. The advantages of enrolling in the TEAS preparatory course of this college are many. Firstly, being a medical college, it is the most appropriate place for you to take guidance for TEAS, as you can gain practical experience on nursing by watching nursing professionals at work in the hospital. Secondly, forty hours of exposure to classroom coaching gives you the benefit of being directly tutored by subject matter experts. Thirdly, after qualifying in TEAS, you get an opportunity to study at the Dade Medical College Campus immediately. Hence, you don't have to spend time applying in nursing courses at other colleges. The TEAS preparation process of this college is stringent, as the nursing aspirants have to take two rounds of preparatory tests before being allowed to take the actual TEAS. For further details, please visit:http://www.dademedical.edu/continuinged/teasvpreparatorycourse.

  • Montgomery College Health Sciences Institute- The TEAS prep course of this college covers all the sections of TEAS. You could take coaching for a single section or for more than one section. In addition to providing adequate practice for TEAS, this prep course teaches methods to deal with difficult and tricky questions, and ways to overcome exam anxiety and stress. For further details, please visit: http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/wdce/hsi/teas.html

  • Kennesaw State University- The College of Continuing and Professional Education of this university offers the TEAS prep course. The strengths and weaknesses of nursing aspirants in the TEAS testing areas are identified during the course, and the students are guided on their preparation strategies based on the outcome of the evaluation. The students are also trained adequately on effective ways of tackling difficult situations in the tests. For further details, visit the Kennesaw State University (http://kennesaw.patch.com/listings/kennesaw-state-university-2).

You can find information about other universities that offer TEAS prep courses by doing an online or offline directory search.

How to Make the Most of TEAS Prep Course?

Presented below are some ways in which you can derive maximum benefit from your TEAS prep course:

  1. Take your prep classes seriously and attend them regularly.
  2. Pay attention to all that is being taught in the class because that is where you get to learn the best.
  3. Complete all assignments given to you without any delay.
  4. Study lessons taught to you immediately and get any doubts clarified as it is a good practice to discuss lessons when they are fresh on the mind of both the tutor and the student.


Taking a TEAS prep course is the best option for preparing for TEAS as it is a classroom course facilitating direct interaction with TEAS examination experts and you should thus, make maximum use of this facility.

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