TEAS Prep Class

Tips for Selection of a TEAS Prep Class

A TEAS prep class is a tutor-aided TEAS classroom preparation, which nursing aspirants have to attend in order to be coached for TEAS. TEAS, the acronym for Test of Essential Academic Skills of ATI, is a nursing entrance test conducted by nursing colleges to take decisions regarding admission of applicants to courses offered by them. Nowadays, most nursing colleges are depending on TEAS scores to assess the aptitude of applicants. Hence, it is very important to perform well in TEAS, for which, joining a good TEAS prep class and religiously following the guidance given by the coaches there is of utmost importance.

Why Should I Choose a TEAS Prep Class?

For a TEAS examinee, joining a TEAS prep class is preferred to self study because by joining a prep class he or she will be benefitted by the personal guidance of subject matter experts. Subject matter experts can give tips and preparatory content, which is not commonly present in self-study materials. This advice often proves to be of immense help to TEAS examinees, as it is derived from years of experience with TEAS.

Tips for Selection of a Good TEAS Prep Class

Selection of a good TEAS prep class is the most important step towards success in this test. Presented below are some tips which you could use while selecting a good TEAS prep class:

  1. The TEAS prep class should be one with proven records- You should use the opinion of your friends or media reviews while selecting a TEAS preparation class. You should not opt for a TEAS coaching class, which does not have a proven track record.
  2. Good coaching classes do not charge money unreasonably- It is often seen that certain coaching classes, which do not have a proven track record, are the ones to charge you exorbitantly. A good coaching class will not come with any hidden costs and will provide you coaching at very reasonable costs.
  3. Qualified teaching staff- It is better to opt for coaching classes, which have employed subject matter experts, who have taken TEAS themselves. They will be the most eligible persons to guide you on the TEAS, as they are well-experienced in the field.

Reviews of Popular TEAS Prep Classes

Many colleges are offering TEAS prep classes these days. However, the ATI does not offer any TEAS prep class. Discussed below are some popular TEAS prep classes which you may consider for joining:

  • Dade Medical College- This college offers a 120 hours TEAS prep course on its Miami Dade and Broward county campuses. Joining the TEAS prep classes of this college comes with a couple of benefits. Firstly, being a medical college, it is the most appropriate place for you to take coaching for nursing entrance examination because by observing the nursing professionals at work, you will gain a lot of practical knowledge in the field of nursing. Another advantage is that after you pass TEAS, you stand the chance of being absorbed by the Dade Medical College itself. It will save you the trouble of visiting other colleges and applying for admission in them. For further details, please visit the official website of the college: http://www.dademedical.edu/continuinged/teasvpreparatorycourse.
  • Montgomery College Health Sciences Institute- The TEAS prep class of this college offers coaching in all the content areas of TEAS. A student can take coaching for single/multiple content areas here. This TEAS prep class, stands a class apart from its contemporaries as it not only provides coaching in the TEAS content areas and examination strategies to be followed to do well in the test, but also imparts life skill education to boost the confidence of those preparing for TEAS. For further details please visit:http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/wdce/hsi/teas.html
  • Kennesaw State University- Offered by the College of Continuing and Professional Education, the TEAS prep class of this college guides the nursing aspirants by identifying their academic strengths and weaknesses and by providing solutions for improving their TEAS performance. For further details, please refer tohttp://kennesaw.patch.com/listings/kennesaw-state-university-2


A TEAS prep class is your best option for TEAS study guidance. You should locate a good TEAS preparation classroom, join it, and follow the guidance given strictly to perform well in TEAS.

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