TEAS Prep Book

What Should a TEAS Prep Book Contain?

Due to the importance that TEAS carries, a TEAS prep book of good quality proves to be an asset for TEAS preparation. TEAS is a nursing aptitude test which tests the essential academic skills of nursing aspirants. Colleges use TEAS scores to take decisions regarding admission of applicants in nursing courses offered by them.

What Should A TEAS Prep Book Contain?

A TEAS prep book should essentially contain all the resources that are required by a TEAS examinee to prepare well for the test. Some important inclusions of a TEAS textbook are as follows:

  1. Practice Tests- A TEAS prep book should contain a large number of practice test papers, covering all the sections of the test. The questions of the practice test papers should have been prepared by experienced subject matter experts. The questions of the prep book should be of a greater difficulty level than the TEAS questions, so that the TEAS examinee finds the actual test pattern easier than the test patterns that he or she is used to. This will improve his or her TEAS performance as he or she will be able to effortlessly attempt the given questions, well within the given time. At the same time, the practice test papers should contain answers with explanations.

  2. Solved TEAS Test Papers- A TEAS prep book should contain a large number of solved TEAS papers of past TEAS examinations to facilitate adequate practice for the TEAS, so that an examinee is well acquainted with the TEAS question pattern, type and standard.

  3. Explanations of Concepts- A TEAS preparation book should contain explanations of difficult and tricky concepts so that the readers can assimilate those easily.

  4. Effective Exam Tackling Strategies- The TEAS preparation book should also contain tips and strategies for effectively performing in the examination.

  5. References- The TEAS prep book should provide references to exhaustive, authoritative and credible sources of study material and examination information (which include exam hall etiquette and norms).

Popular TEAS Prep Books

TEAS prep books from a number of publishers are available in the market today, but only a few of them hold a proven track record of earning user credibility. You can follow the discussion below to select a good TEAS prep book for your TEAS preparation:

  • Official TEAS prep books- ATI recommends a number of TEAS prep books: Learning Strategies: Your Guide to Classroom and Test-Taking Success (http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/product.aspx?zpid=1168), TEAS V Online Practice Assessments ( this has two versions TEAS V Online Practice Assessment Form A (http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/product.aspx?zpid=1170) and TEAS V Online Practice Assessment Form B (http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/product.aspx?zpid=1178) ), and TEAS 5 Study Package(http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/product.aspx?zpid=1194).

    These books contain enough study resources to provide adequate practice to the test takers. The online practice tests are used to review the examinee's skills. The examinee has to appear for two rounds of online practice tests before appearing for TEAS. These books are available in the online version. They also include paper and pencil tests.

  • The ATI TEAS Review Manual, Ver. 5- Authored by ATI and published by Jones and Barlett, this TEAS review manual has the latest TEAS questions and their answer key. This book is highly recommended by users who have passed TEAS with very high scores. However, this book is meant for only understanding the types of questions an examinee can face in TEAS; it is not meant be considered as a summary book of all subject areas to be tested. For example, you may find a number of questions in the Science section of TEAS, which are not covered by this TEAS review manual.

  • 5 TEAS Practice Tests by Tata McGraw Hills- Published by Tata McGraw Hills, this TEAS prep book has earned high user recommendations. Users have found the questions of this book tougher than those of TEAS, enabling them to be better prepared to attempt the actual test, effortlessly. This book has been also judged as a very exact simulation of the actual TEAS. Some students have reported to have passed TEAS with high scores, by following this book. On the whole, student satisfaction is very high for this set of practice tests.

  • Secrets of the TEAS V Exam - This TEAS prep book, published by Mometrix Media, is amongst the most recommended prep books for TEAS V. It has been written by TEAS subject matter experts who have years of experience of tutoring in this field.


A TEAS prep book highly strengthens the quality of your TEAS preparation. The prominent TEAS prep books have been reviewed here; you can select a prep book for TEAS from those given above, and can search for more on the media.

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