TEAS Pretest Study Manual

TEAS Pre Test Study Manual- A Brief Overview

While preparing for any test, a good study manual is essential. Though there are many good study manuals available for the TEAS preparation, the pretest study manual is the best and you must possess this book for a thorough test preparation. This article is totally dedicated to describing the attributes of the study manual.

The first part of the article deals with the overview of the book, while the second part tells you about the places from where this book can be purchased. The last part of the article briefly describes the test.

The TEAS Study Manual

This study manual is published by ATI, the administrators of the TEAS and therefore, it covers all the topics and sub-topics of the test. Moreover, this book helps in channelizing your preparation in the right direction. It has also been proven that on an average, students who use this manual score higher than those who use other study guides. This study guide is copyrighted and therefore, it cannot be photocopied and used more than once.

The Salient features of this book are:

  • The study material and instructions for all the four subject areas namely, Math, Science, Reading and English and Language Usage are given in this study guide.
  • Examples and practice problems with their solutions and explanations are provided in the book.
  • There are two comprehensive practice tests present in this study manual.
  • Time limit, solutions and ways to arrive at the solutions are also offered here.
  • Glossary of the terms used in the guide is also detailed in the book.

Availability of the Book

This guide is available at conventional book stores as well as online stores. Some of the places from where you could purchase the book are:


  • The TEAS is conducted to identify candidates with the required academic skills for successfully completing a nursing program.
  • Math, Science, English and Reading are the subject areas tested here.
  • This is a 209 minute test containing 170 questions.
  • All the questions are multiple-choice questions.
  • There are two versions of the test: the computerized, and the paper and pencil version.
  • Testing centers are available in all the 50 states of the United States.
  • There is no 'passing score' in the test which means that you do not pass or fail in the test.
  • Each nursing program has different score cut-offs and selects candidates who have attained scores above the minimum scores.
  • The scores are released after 48 hours in the case of the paper and pencil version and immediately after the test in case of the computerized version.
  • The selection is based on comparative scoring and therefore, only the best candidates are selected for a nursing course.
  • Apart form good SAT or ACT scores, high school grades and good recommendations, one needs to get a high TEAS score to join a nursing school.
  • Most schools prefer the TEAS because the test is a true reflection of one’s academic skills.

To Sum Up...

The TEAS is a highly competitive test and one has to prepare sincerely and thoroughly for it. The pretest study manual is a comprehensive study guide which helps the students to prepare each and every topic of the test in detail. Hence, it is advised that one buys and uses this book for the test preparation.