TEAS Nursing

Role of TEAS Test in Deciding Your Professional Success

With many aspirants to nursing programs every year, colleges and institutions need to filter out those who do not fit the bill and select only those who have the potentials to complete the academic programs successfully. The pre-nursing evaluative programs like the TEAS, intend to evaluate the academic prowess and potentials of applicants as required for these nursing programs, and, in- turn, enable nursing colleges make their admission decisions. In this article, you may learn more details about how this test shapes up your professional nursing career.

TEAS in a Nutshell

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a measure of academic knowledge levels and related skills in the core areas of English and language usage, Reading, Mathematics, and General Science. This is a proctored and timed test, conducted several times a year, across different testing sites, according to a pre-fixed schedule.

This is a test developed and administered by Assessment Technologies Inc. (ATI), a nursing education company with many popular products in the healthcare education field. The test is in its fifth version now and is called TEAS V.

All the test sections include only multiple-choice questions. A total of 170 questions are divided across the four sections of the test.

The test duration is 209 minutes. Results are available after 48 hours of test taking, which are generally sent in bulk to the test location. You may also arrange to send the results to other institutions by paying an extra charge.

The purposes served by this test can be summarized as:

  • To efficiently measure the academic skills, knowledge levels, and abilities, as required for basic-level nursing programs
  • To help nursing and other healthcare institutions analyze and evaluate candidates' potentials, and accordingly make admission decisions
  • To understand any shortcomings of potential candidates and arrange for any support programs for them to improve

For more information, you may refer to the official website of ATI testing (https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx).

The Importance of the TEAS for a Nursing Program

As observed in the previous section, this exam is used by many nursing colleges and other healthcare educational institutions to evaluate and measure the potentials of candidates for admission into certain nursing programs and as a predictor of their chance of success in those nursing programs.

Therefore, depending on the institution, the test can be an essential pre-requisite for nursing college aspirants. For instance, if you check the Roseman University (http://www.roseman.edu/bsn-teas) and the Community College of Baltimore County (http://www.ccbcmd.edu/selectiveadmiss/TEAS.html) nursing programs admission guidelines, you will gauge that the TEAS is an essential requirement.

However, it should be remembered that different institutions can have different score requirements for admission eligibility. Accordingly, you must check with your institution well in advance, to get to know the different score requirements, and prepare yourself.

Moreover, the test scores also help institutions evaluate the candidates' shortcomings, if any, and help them work on it, without letting them negatively impact the candidates' academic progress.

For you, as a nursing aspirant, the test results also provide an opportunity for improvement, as you get to know your shortcomings, if any. By realizing where your negatives lie, you may be able to work out a plan for improvement and execute it more easily.

The Importance of TEAS in Shaping Up Your Professional Nursing Career

A nursing college is the first stepping stone to a successful and satisfying nursing career. Along with compassion, dedication, and a mentality to work hard, nursing aspirants need to equip themselves with the required skills and knowledge levels through appropriate levels of nursing programs. However, to join a nursing program, one should have attained certain basic levels of education and proportionate knowledge levels; without which, one may not be able to complete the nursing program successfully.

By filtering out candidates using a pre-nursing school test, the nursing schools are ensuring the fulfillment of this purpose, whereby only those who have the right potential and academic abilities get into the nursing course, and eventually to the profession.

To summarize, the TEAS not only helps institutions take their admission decisions, but also helps shaping up the nursing careers of many!