TEAS Nursing Exam

What Topics Does TEAS Nursing Exam Cover?

The professional line of nursing deals with life science and people's well-being, which is why it is extremely important for institutes to ensure that the right candidates are chosen and given all the information and training required for nursing.

An Overview of TEAS nursing exam:

The institutes offering nursing programs have to be confident that they are grooming potential candidates into quality nurses, therefore it is necessary for them to assess a student's competencies before he or she gets enrolled for the nursing program. ATI TEAS -"Test of Essential Academic Skills" is an exclusively tailored psychometric test designed specifically for students who wish to study in the courses related to nursing. The test maps the competencies of the candidates according to the requirements mentioned by the nursing programs.

TEAS Nursing Exam Structure:

The TEAS Nursing Exam is an assessment of 170 questions and lasts for around 3 1/2 hours. It is conducted as a computer based test in the multiple choice format. The questions in this test are broadly divided into 4 sections. Each section is designed to test the candidate for different skill sets relevant to the field of nursing. These sections are:

  • The Reading Section: In this section, you would have to answer 40 questions within 50 minutes. Comprehension passages and paragraphs are given in this section here in the candidate has to use reasoning skills to draw a conclusion or inference according to the questions posed.

  • The Math Section: This section involves 45 questions that have to be answered in 56 minutes. Questions based on metric conversions, fractions, algebra, percentiles, ratio and proportion, decimals etc. are given in order to test the candidate for problem solving skills.

  • The Science Section: In this section, the candidate has to answer 30 questions within 38 minutes. Questions based on concepts and facts based on biology, chemistry and physics are given to assess the candidate's knowledge of human anatomy, chemical and physical concepts and principles.

  • The English and Language Usage Section: This section has 55 questions which have to be answered in 65 minutes. It involves basic grammar, sentence construction and lingual concepts. The knowledge of basic English is mandatory for this entrance test.

There is no pass or fail criteria set for ATI TEAS. The schools decide their own cut off scores for TEAS and shortlist you only if you have scored within that range specified. Once you complete the TEAS test, the TEAS score report would be published immediately. This would be a detailed report about your section wise performance, competencies, personal ranking and national ranking for TEAS Nursing Exam. This report has to be sent to the institute you have chosen to apply to for your desired nursing program.

Important Tips and Pointers for the TEAS Exam:

There are a few things you have to keep in mind while taking the TEAS Nursing Exam:

  1. Always check the version of TEAS exam accepted by the institute you are applying to. The most recent version for TEAS Nursing Exam is TEAS V. If you take the wrong version of exam, your score will be rejected by the school.

  2. TEAS study guides and assessments are version specific; so for TEAS V, you would have to purchase the TEAS V study material (manual/guides/simulation assessments etc.)

  3. The TEAS score is valid for two years only, so you have to decide to apply in your desired nursing school and complete the required formalities of the course within that time limit.

With such a huge demand in employment and the increasing number of candidates applying for nursing courses, the TEAS Nursing Exam is becoming more competitive day by day. An examination of such magnitude cannot be taken lightly. As you prepare, keep in mind that getting a good TEAS score is really important if you want to get enrolled in a good nursing program. With the help of a well-disciplined study regime and with good and reliable TEAS study resources, you can definitely get through the test with flying colors.

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