TEAS Exams

Common Mistakes to Avoid for TEAS Exams

TEAS is a test conducted by the ATI to identify potential students for the various nursing courses in the United States. The test recognizes whether a student possesses the academic skills that are essential to succeed in a nursing program or not.


The following are the salient features of the TEAS:

  • The subjects tested here are Math, Science, Language and Reading.

  • There are two versions of the test: the computerized and the paper and pencil version.

  • The duration of the test is 209 minutes and the total number of questions is 170. Of the 170, 150 are scored and the remaining 20 are un-scored pre-test items.

  • It is conducted in testing centers that are available in all the 50 states of the United States.

  • The fees vary from one testing center to another.

  • The test results are released immediately in the case of the computerized version and after 48 hours of taking the test in case of the paper and pencil version.

  • The selection for the different nursing programs is based on comparative scoring.

  • Most nursing schools prefer this test because; it has been proven statistically that the test result is a true reflection of the academic skills that the candidates possess.

  • Many good books are available in the market that can be used for preparation and moreover, free online practice tests are also available for your perusal.

Common Mistakes to Avoid...

  • No Thorough Preparation The most common and grave mistake that you can make is not preparing for the test completely. If you do not prepare for all the subjects thoroughly, you would fare badly in the test.

  • Question Expectation Many students try to identify questions that are regularly or commonly asked and concentrate more on those areas. This test is one where any type of question can be asked and therefore, every topic has to be covered before the test.

  • Coming late for the Test Some candidates arrive late for a test and this leads to unnecessary stress. Extra time will not be given in such cases as it is the candidates’ mistake.

  • Wasting a Lot of Time on a Difficult Question One should not spend a lot of time trying to answer a difficult question. It has to be remembered that all the questions carry equal points and therefore, if one is unable to answer a question, he/she has to move to the next one.

  • Not Completing the Paper One has to make sure that all the questions are answered since there is no negative marking in the test. There is a 25% chance that the choice you randomly marked may be the right answer.

  • Misunderstanding a Question Try to read the question twice before you answer it. There are incidents where a student has marked the wrong answer because he/she did not understand the question properly.

  • Not Scanning the Question Paper Before Answering Another common mistake students make is that they do not scan the whole question paper before starting to answer them. The main advantage of scanning through the question paper is that you can identify easy questions and start answering them.

  • Not filling up the Required Details There are a few cases where the required details are not entered. All the required details have to be entered for the answer paper to be valid.

  • Getting Stressed Stress is the main reason for many failures. One should not commit the mistake of getting stressed during the exam. Try to practice some relaxation techniques to calm yourself before the test.

To Conclude

The common mistakes that students make in this test are given here so that one learns from them and does not commit them. Avoid these common mistakes and attain a high score in the TEAS.