TEAS examination

Why Is It Important To Gain Information About TEAS examination?

The test that most nursing schools use for their admission process is the TEAS. It is therefore, very important that you gain information about the test. Academic skills in Math, Science, Reading and Language are assessed in this test.

Sections Tested in the TEAS

Primarily four subject areas: Math, Science, Language and Reading are tested in the TEAS examination. Moreover, different sub-areas are tested under each of the sections.


What is Tested



Basic mathematical skills
like accuracy and precision

  1. Numbers and Operations
  2. Algebraic Applications
  3. Data Interpretation
  4. Measurement

Knowledge in the areas of
biological and physical sciences

  1. Human Body Science
  2. Life Science
  3. Earth and Physical Science
  4. Scientific Reasoning

Communication skills

  1. Grammar and Word Meaning in Context
  2. Spelling and Punctuations
  3. Structure

Reading and understanding documents

  1. Passage Comprehension
  2. Paragraph Comprehension

From the above table, you can easily understand the skills tested and the different sub-areas assessed in the TEAS examination.

Question Types and Duration

The time duration of the TEAS test is 209 minutes and the total number of questions is 170. However, of the 170 questions, only 150 are scored and the rest 20 are un-scored pre-test items. The number of questions for each of the sections is different and is given in the table below:


No. of Questions

Time Duration

Mathematics 45 56
Science 30 38
English and Language Usage 55 65
Reading 40 50

The number of questions for each of the sub-areas is not a constant and will vary from one test to another.

Importance of the Test

Most nursing schools prefer the TEAS examination for the following reasons:

  • To judge Academic Skills- The test is a true judge of the skills and knowledge the students possess. All the skills tested in the test are essential for a candidate to successfully complete a nursing program. Moreover, all these skills are important in the nursing profession as well.
  • Ease of Selection- The scoring system devised for this test is such that the selection is based on how well you have performed in comparison to others who have also attempted the test. This type of selection procedure makes sure that, only highly competent candidates are selected for a nursing course.
  • Special Admission Formula- The psychometricians at the ATI devise an admission formula that would be the best fit for any specific nursing program. In this way, the selection of the candidates can be based on the requirement of each specific nursing program.

Importance of Gaining Information about the Test

One has to gain as much information as possible about a test before attempting it. The areas on which you should gain information are:

  • Subjects tested in the test
  • Question types in the test
  • Time duration of the test
  • The scoring system in the test
  • The minimum scores required for qualifying.

The following are the reasons why gaining information is important:

  • Preparation- Only when you know what would be asked in the test, can you prepare well for it.
  • No Surprises- Once you know all the information about the test, there will be no surprises with respect to the time duration or total number of questions at the test center.
  • Schedule- Based on the time allotted for the test and the different sections, you can prepare for the test.
  • Scores- With the knowledge about the scoring system and the minimum scores required for qualification, you could prepare hard and accordingly for the test.

Other Important Aspects of the Test

  1. Most nursing schools require a high TEAS score as part of their admission process
  2. The TEAS examination is a four option multiple-choice test
  3. The time duration for the test is 209 minutes
  4. No one passes or fails in the test as there is no passing score
  5. Each nursing program has a different cut-off that you need to meet to get selected
  6. Testing centers are available all across the 50 states of the United States

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