Why should you appear for TEAS exam?

Test of Essential Academic Skills, the TEAS exam is the stepping-stone to building a career in Nursing. It is a pre-nursing school assessment test conducted by ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC) to enable the students an entry into the world of Health Science programs across USA.

If you are an aspiring student looking forward to make it big in the field of health sciences, then TEAS exam is the test you should be taking. It is a crucial component of your nursing school application and assesses your abilities by taking you through a 209 minutes test in Reading, Mathematics, Science, English and Language using skills. The TEAS exam gives you a bright picture of your academic curriculum and what is expected from you during your study in the pre-nursing school & nursing as a profession. It acts as a helping aid to the nursing schools in appraising a student’s ability in learning and grasping the required course efficiencies.

The focus of TEAS exam is on the basics of your education and not on your skills of solving a puzzle or a brainteaser. Therefore, if you have the spunk in you and the right aptitude required for cracking this test, then it would be a cakewalk.


TEAS exam is conducted twice a year, February-March & September-October.

Before you begin the preparations for the most sought after pre-nursing test, you need to create an account on the official test website www.atitesting.com. You can also contact ATI at (800) 667-7531. Once registered, you will be provided with a Unique ID number that remains the same for any test taken by ATI; however, it should not be misunderstood as a registration for the exam. A list of testing centres across USA with their respective costs is mentioned on the website. All you need to do is select the location, date and time of your preference for the test.


  • TEAS exam measures your competence levels with 170 content-driven multiple choice questions with four options each, divided into four sections of Mathematics, Science, Reading and English & Language Usage.

  • Every section is timed separately so as to give the candidate a better understanding of the time needed to complete their test. No calculators are allowed during the test.

  • The exam can be taken in two formats, computer-based and paper and pencil-based formats respectively.

  • The test comprises of 45 Math questions related to whole numbers, metric conversions, fractions, decimals, algebra, ratio and percentage, 30 questions from Science inclusive of general science, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry and principles, 40 Reading questions dealing with paragraph & passage comprehensions and 55 English & language usage questions that cover the areas of grammar, punctuation, spellings, sentence construction and word building.

  • TEAS exam scores are also specified for individual sections, giving a better idea of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in the respective subject test.

  • However, it is mandatory to score the minimum passing marks in every section so as to qualify for the test.

  • Depending on the program you have applied for, the passing score is determined. Hence, it is always better to have a clear understanding of the program for which you have applied.


The official ATI website www.atitesting.com offers a pool of resources for your maximum benefit. The website publishes several paid study tools that students can make use of during their preparations. You can also make use of a comprehensive book giving you the strategies and tips to crack the test and TEAS V online assessment forms A & B gives you a close view of the test’s content and format. These online assessment forms give you a scorecard that shows you the areas where you need to concentrate more and improve. The website also offers a study manual and a complete study package with mock test papers.

TEAS exam not only opens the gates to the elite pre nursing schools of USA but also forms a foundation for scholarships. Hence, if you are serious about your future, it is now time to think constructive, put on your decision caps, brush up your skills, and work towards building your successful nursing career.

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