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If you are one among the competing prospective nursing students, you must remember that the process of preparation demands a great deal of time and effort. This article explains a few of the important TEAS exam prep strategies which will be helpful for an efficient preparation. The following points describe how to systematically prepare for the TEAS exam.

  • Understanding the TEAS Test Requirements

    As the first step, you must gain a fairly good knowledge about the TEAS test structure because understanding the test portion will give you an idea of how to go about the TEAS exam prep. Refer to an authentic source of information and note the test details such as its format, question types, sections, scoring pattern etc.

  • Identify Your Strong and Weak Subject Areas

    Once you understand the subject areas covered in the test, your next step of the TEAS exam prep should be to identify your strong and weak test topics. ATI has devised an appropriate method for this purpose. It offers two TEAS V online Practice Assessment Tests; namely form A and B. ATI recommends test takers to take form A version of the test before they start their test preparation. On completion of the test, they will be provided with a score report. The score report provides information about the test subject areas where relatively higher concentration is required by the student. This feedback helps students in the process of self-evaluation and thereby, with their self-study.

  • Wise Allocation of Time for the Test Preparation

    Having understood the test requirements and the topics where you need extra attention, you now need to do the most important part of the TEAS exam prep, that is, to plan a study schedule. You should consider the amount of time which you will have to spend for each of the following:

    • To go through the concepts under each subject area
    • To practice the individual test topic questions
    • To take the timed, full-length practice tests

    Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you must make sure to frame a realistic schedule with a few extra days for each portion.

  • Revision and Repetition of the Test Concepts

    Even as you are learning for the TEAS test, you can begin an organized revision of what you have learned on the previous day. This will help you to be in touch with the test topics throughout your test preparatory phase. You can consider using the flashcard study system offered by Mometrix media LLC publication. It consists of handy flashcards with important points to be remembered for the test, like terminologies, formulae etc. This kind of repetitive learning can make your TEAS exam prep more interesting and effective, at the same time.

  • Getting Prepared to Face the Test

    Though thorough subject knowledge is essential for a successful TEAS test outcome, your mental preparedness to face the actual test plays an important role, as well. In order to make yourself completely ready to take the test, you must keep in mind the following hints:

    • Get comfortable with the time management factor by taking enough practice tests.
    • Know the exact location of your test center to avoid confusion on the test day.
    • Make a checklist of the materials that you need to carry on the test day, such as photo ID, ATI ID etc.

The Top TEAS Test Preparatory Sources

  • The TEAS V Study Manual offered by ATI, which can be ordered through the official website (www.atitesting.com) , will give you the most authentic test details and requirements.

  • The second chapter in Barron's Nursing Entrance Exam Study Guide details important test-taking tips and strategies, which many students have found to be helpful.

  • The Mc-Graw Hill's Nursing Entrance Exam Study Guide includes precise and necessary content as well as eight practice tests to aid students for their test study.

Keep a note of the useful test preparation ideas and sources mentioned in this article. You must remember that, by sincerely following your study plan, you will be able to obtain a high score in your TEAS test.

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