TEAS exam locations

3 Things to Consider When You Choose TEAS exam locations

The TEAS test identifies the potential students who would succeed in a nursing program and choosing a testing location is one of the important decisions that you should make before taking it up. In this article, the first half deals with how to identify the ideal test center for you and the second part gives you all the information about TEAS exam locations.

Things to Consider While Choosing a TEAS Exam Location

The following are the three most important things that you should consider while choosing a test location from the many available TEAS exam locations:

  1. Location of the TEAS test center

    Choose a testing center that is located in your city. If there is more than one center in your city, then choose the one that is close to your home. It is always good to choose a testing center that is close to where you stay because this will reduce the time that you would spend in travelling from your home to the testing center. Also, check if the testing location is easily accessible from your home or not because, many times the testing center may be close but may not be easily accessible.

  2. Version of the Test and Score Report

    There are two versions of the TEAS: a computerized version and a paper and pencil version. First, decide on the version you would like to take for the test and then decide on the testing center that offers this version. Ideally, it is best that you take up the test at the college you would like to join. However, if the college is far from where you stay, choose another center that would send your score report to other locations because only some testing centers send your report to other nursing colleges. Therefore, if you plan on joining a different nursing school, kindly check if the testing location would send your score report to the nursing college of your choice before you register for the test.

  3. Test Date and Timings

    Many of the testing centers get filled up fast and hence check if the center has seat availability on the date you would like to attempt the test. Another point to remember is that, each testing center offers the test at different timings and therefore, kindly make sure that the timings of the test the center offers is suitable for you.

Identifying the correct testing center is important because you would be taking up the test there and your mind should be free of stress while attempting the test. For example, if you choose a testing location that is not easily accessible form your home, there are chances that you may get late for the test. In such a case, your mind will be stressed and you may not perform to your best ability.

TEAS exam locations

The TEAS exam locations are available in all the 50 states across the United States and therefore, you can take the test from anywhere in the country. The website, http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/customecom/SessionCityStateSelection.aspx?stf=6&stype=1&prev=1 gives you the details of the TEAS exam locations available according to the state and city of your choice. After you select the state and city, the testing locations available are listed along with the test date and availability of seats. You can also register for the test through this site itself by paying the required testing fees. Another feature about the TEAS that you should remember is that, the fees vary from center to center.

A 'learn more' button is present on the webpage and by clicking on this, you can learn about the specific rules and regulations governing that particular testing location. More often than not, the testing center is located in the university campus itself.


It is a difficult choice to decide on a testing center form the different TEAS exam locations but keep in mind your priorities and the three important things given above to choose the right testing center for you.

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