TEAS Exam Dates

5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Select TEAS Test Dates

In today's modern world, the field of healthcare sciences is the most in-demand career option. The number of students aiming high and aspiring to become a nursing professional is swiftly rising and hitting the top-charts. ATI has formulated the Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) in accordance to the specified criterion by the nursing schools across the 50 states of USA. TEAS has become a mandate bridge that needs to be crossed by every student to get an admission into one of those nursing schools. Therefore, one should be very imperative while deciding on the dates so as to surpass the test with good scores. This test is the decision-making tool for the admission process into the field of healthcare sciences, being used by every nursing school as it provides detailed insight into the student's candidature.

What Is the TEAS Test?

TEAS is a content-driven exam that takes you through 170 multiple-choice questions with four options each to choose from. The subjects covered in the exam are Maths, Science, Reading and English Language & Usage skills. Duration of the test is 209 minutes and it can be taken in computer-based or paper & pencil-based formats. TEAS is not an arduous exam but is all about what you have already learnt in your high school study syllabus. The test dates play a very important role in the preparatory phase of the student. Thus, one must very carefully and efficiently decide on the same so as to avoid any hitch that he/she might come across during the study.

How to Give the TEAS Test?

Preparations for the TEAS exam can be banked extensively on the official test website of ATI, www.atitesting.com. You will be asked to first create an account online with ATI; however, it should not be mistaken as the registration for the exam. A unique ID will then be given to you which will remain the same through any test taken by ATI. Whilst this process, you will be prompted with options to choose the state and city of your choose to take the exam. Upon selection, the page pops-up an entire list of the available nursing schools designated to be the test centres. Based on your convenience and availability, you can choose the dates and time to take the exam. However, the choice for these may not be as simple. There can be various things of concern while deciding them.

5 Important Factors Involved While Choosing the Dates

We strongly recommend that every aspirant should go through the following important factors very ardently as this will not only give you a breather but also provide a helping-hand whilst your preparations.

  1. Nursing School Criterion: Every nursing school has a set of specifications that must be followed by a student. The deadline for submission of applications for admission is pre-decided. It is therefore advisable to gather as much information as you can about the schools you wish to apply for.

  2. TEAS Scores: Acceptance of the test scores varies from one school to the other. Majority of the nursing schools do not accept the scores that are anything less than 15 days prior to the deadline declared for the admissions. Tests taken after the deadline hold no good for that particular admission cycle; however, the validity remains.

  3. Test Format: As already mentioned, the TEAS can be given in computer-based or paper and pencil-based formats. You must remember that the test scores taken via the computer are updated instantly, but the scores obtained in the paper & pencil-based format take a day's time to get updated after those reach ATI.
    Deciding on the dates must be in connection with the time required for the results to reach the nursing schools. This information can be obtained directly from the nursing schools you wish to apply to.

  4. Retaking the test: The option of retaking entirely depends on the test centre. Therefore, one needs to have a complete picture of the nursing schools in which he/she wishes to apply.

  5. Be the Early Bird: The demand for nursing profession is humongous and increasing day after day. The result being the test centres tend to be fully booked within no time. So, put on your thinking caps and decide on the dates, location and time of preference at the earliest. The sooner the better is what we advise.

The above mentioned 5-factor list not only gives a helping-hand to the candidate in choosing the test dates, but also gives a head-on time frame for the preparations. This enables the aspiring students to be well prepared in time to take the test and score efficiently.