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Sources of TEAS Exam Books

You are reading this article because, most probably, you are planning to take the TEAS test shortly. Perhaps, you are already aware of the test format and duration, by this time. In case you missed to note this information earlier, here's a quick glimpse of the test format for you:

  • The test is presented in a multiple-choice question pattern.
  • It consists of 170 questions on four courses of study; namely, Reading, Mathematics, Science and English and Language Usage.
  • All the questions are to be answered in 209 minutes.

It is true that the test syllabus is familiar to all the test takers. However, you should not ignore the necessity of a sound preparation. A competitive exam like TEAS test, where you just have a little more than a minute duration to answer each question, needs enough time and effort towards its preparation.

Useful test guides are one among the many helpful tools for a good test preparation. This article shall help you in finding a valuable TEAS exam book and its source.

Source #1: ATI

The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) is the sole organization responsible for conducting the TEAS test across the country. The framing of the TEAS test questions, the evaluation of test takers' performance and all developments with the TEAS test strategies are carried out by the ATI. The organization also offers some preparatory books for the test.

The popular books offered by ATI for TEAS test preparation are:

  • TEAS V Study Manual
  • Online Practice Assessment (Form A and B)
  • Learning Strategies: Your Guide to Classroom and Test-Taking Success

Details and price of each TEAS exam book can be found from the official website of ATI (www.atitesting.com). ATI is well-known for its contribution towards the field of nursing. Hence, you can be assured that these books are written by professionals who are specialized in the nursing field. Also, the success rate of students who have followed these books is high (as stated by ATI), thus, giving them an edge over the other TEAS prep books.

Source #2: McGraw-Hill Publication

In spite of ATI being the official provider of a TEAS exam book, the McGraw-Hill's books have gained enough popularity among the TEAS test takers. The most helpful TEAS test books provided by McGraw-Hill publication are:

  • McGraw-Hill's GED Study Guide
  • McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exam Study Guide
  • McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests

These are paper-back books which can be ordered online through several websites. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and ebay are a few online places to procure these books at lesser prices.

Source #3: Mometrix Media LLC publication

Mometrix media LLC publication offers a TEAS exam book both in the paper-back form and as a nook book. The following are their most-used TEAS prep books by this publishing house:

  • Secrets of the TEAS Exam
  • TEAS Exam Practice Questions
  • Flashcard Study System for the TEAS Exam

Barnes & Noble is a well-known online portal to order these books at ease. The facility of downloading these books as a mobile application is an innovative effort. Students can make use of their traveling time in TEAS test study using these nook books. Similarly, the flashcard study system is yet another innovative source of study. It uses the principle of repetitive learning and has proved to be an effective mode of revision of the study concepts.

Source #4: Complete Test Preparation Team

The Complete Test Preparation Team has developed a series of TEAS test books for the TEAS test version V. The series includes:

  • TEAS V Strategy
  • Practice the TEAS V
  • Pass the TEAS V

There is a nook book version of each and every TEAS exam book published, making the test preparation interesting for technology-loving students.

These reviews are intended to impart knowledge to students about the various sources of TEAS exam books. Therefore, they must be taken as a general guidance and should not stop you from buying the test guide of your choice.

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