TEAS Entrance Exam

Salient Features of TEAS Entrance Exam

In today's modern living world, the demand for a modular career has increased to a great extent. There is an extensive rise in the number of applicants aspiring for a profession in the field of healthcare sciences. ATI in accordance to the criterion specified by the nursing schools across 50 states of USA has formulated the Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). The TEAS entrance exam has become a mandatory traverse for every aspirant to get an admission into the elite schools offering healthcare programs.

The nursing schools receive a helping hand by the TEAS entrance exam as it imparts composite and individual scores obtained in the test. This not only gives the aspirant an opportunity to display his/her skills efficiently but also helps the schools to gauge the suitability of the candidate in accordance to the course of study and nursing as a profession.

What is TEAS Entrance Exam?

The TEAS entrance exam is a content-driven aptitude test that takes you through 170 multiple-choice questions with four options to choose from. The TEAS syllabus is nothing but what you have already studied in your high school. Duration of the test is 209 minutes and it can be taken in computer-based or paper & pencil-based formats. You must first register with ATI, which can be done online on www.atitesting.com for taking up this test. On registering, you will be given a unique ID which would remain the same for any test taken by ATI. The ATI website offers a brimming pool of resources for your benefit during the study. TEAS entrance exam can be given in a test centre of your preference provided you register yourself well in time.

An Overview of the TEAS Test Questions in its varied Sections

The content of the test is broadly divided into four sections, namely; Maths, Science, Reading and English language usage skills. You must remember that this is a content-driven exam and to excel in it with flying colors, your strong subject knowledge and critical thinking skills will play the key role. TEAS entrance exam judges you on your high schools syllabus; thereby, you need a good refreshing study before taking the exam. However, if you are willing to put in your efforts with dedication and have the adroit of knowledge, then, there is no looking back.


This section of TEAS entrance exam consists of 45 questions which need to be answered within a time frame of 56 minutes. Bone up the formulae and tips & tricks to solve the problems at ease. Remember that calculators are not allowed during the exam.

Topics Covered: Algebra, metric conversions, decimals, fractions, equations, graphs, ratio/proportions and percentage.


This section of TEAS entrance exam comprises of 30 questions that must be completed in 38 minutes. Science forms a very crucial part of the exam as the student advances to learn more as he/she heads towards the nursing profession. Contemplating an in-depth knowledge will strengthen your foundation skills and help you to become a successful nurse.

Topics Covered: Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Science reasoning and more.


This section of TEAS entrance exam furnishes 40 questions and it needs to be completed within 50 minutes. The Reading section determines the ability of a candidate to draw strong conclusions in any given situation. The key tool to crack this section is comprehensive reading and writing skills with logical reasoning.

Topics Covered: Comprehensive paragraphs and passages, inference & sentences.

English and Language Usage:

This section of TEAS entrance exam is composed of 55 questions and the time-frame given for its completion is 65 minutes. The stronger your vocabulary, the easier it is for you to deal with this section.

Topics Covered: English grammar, punctuation, meanings, sentence structure, and Word-Sentence construction.

The idea behind the time frame given to each section in the TEAS entrance exam is keep the candidate on his toes. On an average you have just about a minute to answer each question, only then you will be left with around 11 minutes for reviewing before submission.

Practice and more practice is the only way to trigger the speed of solving questions. A good beginning makes a good ending, so begin your preparations at this spur of the moment and achieve your goal to become a successful nurse.

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